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bahamut: Thanks! I will add it right now...

Tiki: nope, here's a picture:

couldn't figure out how to post hte actual image for the life of me...

UPDATE: so i took the paper off the tank to take the picture, and after i did that, he got all angsty again - trying to swim out of the side of the tank. so i put it back on. and he paces around the back again like before. i honestly can't tell if he likes the plain white background or not.

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status update

Bahamut, Tiki ...thank you both for your help thusfar.

I decided to take your advice for the water change. I put him a temporary mini-tank (the plastic container he came in), to see how he reacts to the following:

I put just the tiniest bit of tapwater (like 1/5 of the container), and the tiniest bit of treatment/conditioner for it, and the rest, the same bottled water. I didn't move him back into his regular tank yet because I'm not sure how to handle that water. Also I want to see his reaction to tap water. Also I did not put the plant in the little receptacle, but I did cut it way back and rinse it off so I can put it back into the tank.

I plan on having a portion of tap water in the tank, but how quickly/often should I adapt him to tap water?

He is still a little distressed/darty. He definitely was having trouble breathing in that other water - he is breathing pretty heavily now.
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alright. I guess the best thing to do is keep him warm and in a quiet location.
Maybe put a leaf in the cup so he has something to hide under?

I used to mix distilled with tap water for one of my bettas. This was before i knew about water conditioner . When I switched him to all tap, I I added 25% more tap with each change till he was in 100% tap. Was it the right way to do it? No idea.

to add a pic - right click on the picture and then pick "copy image location". Then on here hit the icon that looks like a envelope with a stamp on it and past the image location into the thing that pops up. Delete the Http:// in the box because when you past the image link it will already contain the http:// part

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i think the problem with him attacking the back of the tank is that he can see himself in it. covering up the back with paper probably helped (because now he cant see himself) but he might still think that a betta is hiding behind it. i think after a while if you keep the paper he wont remember that another betta (himself) ever lived in his little plastic wall
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aggressive behavior, trauma

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