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Stupid Fish! Why Can't You Just Cooperate?

So, I've been thinking Severus might have a touch of finrot. Not sure how he'd have gotten it, though, since his water's clean and warm and there have never been any injuries on his tail. However, since he's always had black on him, I'm not sure if this new gray-ish black coloring is a problem or if it's just him starting to show more color. There's no clear deterioration that I've noticed. So, I've been TRYING to observe his fins and watch him carefully. But the silly fish just won't stay still long enough for me to get a good look at him. He's like "You wanna see me? Too bad, I have to go to the other side of the tank now! And now I wanna be over here! And oooh! Let's go swim around the plants for a while!" So then I cupped him, but he manages to dart around in the cup and I STILL can't get a good look at his fins. So then I try getting him to flare she I can at least see his fins all spread out. You'd think a speedy, active guy like this would be all over his reflection, right? Oh, nooooo. He just ignores it. Couldn't care less. I put a reflective surface in front of him and he just glances at it before zooming around all over the tank. *sigh* Should've known. Anything with the name Severus was bound to be frustrating to deal with.

And then I have Regulus, who's such a drama king! I just don't know what to do with this one. A few days ago, he seemed like he was finally adjusting to his new tank. Now he's back to hiding all the time. He darts away whenever he sees me. He won't even come out of hiding to eat while I'm there. He can't seem to decide whether he likes his tank or not. For a few days he seems FINE and the next he's back to being a massive drama king and acting like everything that goes near the tank is trying to eat him. And this one never seems to want to eat for me. Even when he seems content enough, he'll creep up to his food and then dive away after he takes one pellet or worm, as if he thinks it's going to attack him. I just can't seem to do anything to get him to make up his mind and start eating decent meals...

These fish are going to drive me out of my mind. Neither of them will ever just cooperate with me on ANYTHING. If I didn't know any better, I'd think they were conspiring against me.

Does anyone else have insanely uncooperative fish?
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UHHH Yeah :/ Pigwidgen hates when people look at him :/ I don't know why!! He is such a pretty fish! But no one ever notices him because 1 he is in the same divided tank as James the attention hog, and 2 he just plain doesn't like to be viewed D: I have my friends over all the time to come look at all of my pretty bettas and he never gets a single compliment even though he deserves them :C
OOO What if you video tape Severus and then pause the video when he is in a good position to see the area you are concerned about?!

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LOL your post made me laugh. i have a purple fish named Houston that does the same thing!
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