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New Betta Barracks (Pics coming soon)

Since our electricity bill is enormous (I'm running around 25 individual tanks) I decided to have a custom-built barracks made to accommodate all the males I couldn't sell off when I cut down on my numbers.

Eventually this tank will house some nice, imported HMPK males, but for now it will be home to my pet store pity purchases.

Each section is 9.5x35x30 (LxHxW in cm) so they hold around 10 litres or 2.5 gallons, which I thought was a decent amount of space per fish. The back part of the tank holds 50 litres or so, and is where I will house my filter and heater.

This tank can hold 10 bettas, with room in the back filter area for a small sorority or single fish.

I will be going bare-bottom to make it easier to clean, and each section will contain a decent handful of hornwort, watersprite, pacific azolla to provide cover for each fish. In the back section I may be looking into emersed growth as a means of controlling ammonia and nitrates in the first few weeks of set-up.

Filtration will be via a customised spraybar system, which I still have to work out. The main thing I want to avoid is dead spots, and an uneven distribution of heat.

I intend on filling it up for the first time today, and will take some photos then. If things go according to plan, I hope to have my males living in there within a fortnight.

Just thought I'd post this up in case anyone was curious about setting up a barracks system, or wanted to throw out some thoughts
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