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Beta Care help needed!

I bought a Beta for my 2 gallon desk tank at work. It's heated and has a fake plants (maybe I'll post pics later). It also has a (apparently) pretty strong filter. Thats the problem. Everything I read says the Betta likes calm water and the filter output on this thing apparently makes a pretty strong current. Should I keep the filter off 24/7?

Should I turn it on for a couple hours a day to keep the water clean and clear?

Should I just keep it on and my betta will get used to it?
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It's probably best to not have it at all. It's likely that it's stressing the betta out.
Just make sure you keep up with the 50% and 100% weekly water changes you'll need to do for that tank. :)
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Filters are quite useful when attempting to cycle. However, for the size of your tank, cycling is something you really won't need to worry about.

As gnats said, remove the filter altogether. To keep the water clean and clear you will need to undertake a 50% mid-week water change, and a 100% end-week water change. The reason for this is ammonia (fish waste). Even if you left the filter running in the tank, ammonia would still be in the water until you changed it.

Ammonia will build up and once it reaches a certain level, it has the capability to poison and kill your fish. This is the #1 reason for fish dying. In larger tanks you can undertake less water changes and space them out. However because you have a smaller tank, it will be necessary to keep to the 2 WCs a week (water changes). Please factor this in as it may affect your schedule at work or free time.

I also recommend this for environments where lights are on all the time to minimise stress. Depending if your workplace turns the lights off at the end of each working day, you may need to create an artificial ‘night’ for him. This is as simple as placing a breathable dark cloth over the tank to create darkness for the time when you leave work to getting in the following day. The issue however is then weekends, fasting him over the weekend won’t negatively affect him in anyway, and my opinion is that it is better to leave them in a partially dark environment than exposed to 48 hours of artificial light. But again, this only really applies if lights are on at your workplace 24/7.

Have a read of the intro stickies which will assist you in any other basics and you should have one happy Betta!
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I'm not sure how this will work on your bowl but in my 10 gallon tank when I only had a filter for a 30 gallon, I stuffed a small piece of sponge up the intake tube so that there was less water going up it.
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Mavi that's known as 'baffling', in this instance however it is best not to use the filter, baffled or not.

Edit: That sounded presumptuous sorry - OP can go with the filter if desired and Mavi does raise a valid option to reduce current in-take and output.
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