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CT & Driftwood

Has anyone ever experienced Betta fins getting caught in driftwood or ofther decor pieces?

I have a planted 10G that I am currently setting up to house a CT Betta but I'm somewhat concerned about the piece of driftwood in there that could potentially present a hazard to the CT. Anyone?

Driftwood looks something like this:
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I've heard of some ornaments causing issues with fin damage, but generally they're the acrylic/ceramic variety, or stone with sharp edges. Driftwood's edges tend to be softer, especially once it's been in the water for a while (wood absorbs water making hard edges softer, and algae/plant growth will help to soften it more). I haven't heard of driftwood causing fin damage before. Make sure it's secure so that it won't get knocked over, and be prepared to have it release tannins into the water for a long while. It'll also change your water chemistry, but it shouldn't hurt a betta.
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Both of my boys have driftwood with anubias attached in their tanks.

I have thus far, *knocks wood* lol pun not intended, had no snags or issues with fins being caught in the driftwood.

Victor's driftwood even has a tiny little tunnel which he swam through the first few days I introduced it to his tank - to my surprise that is, I didn't think he would fit. Doesn't do it anymore.

I use API Stress Coat+ as my water conditioner which boasts a 'slime coat' from the aloe vera, so perhaps that plays a part in making both bettas slippery enough to get around the driftwood without issues.

It is a risk, as driftwood simply is not 'fin safe' as far as the old pantyhose tests go. But for a NPT environment, you just can't beat the overall natural look and hidey holes it can provide for your betta.
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