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I'm so sorry you have had such a difficult time...I HATE ick. Anyway, best of luck with your next breeding project ;)
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My dream fish is a HM or HMPK single tail male with orange&blue. (Or orange/purple.) Preferably one color all on the body and one color only on the fins. If you get a male with blue marbling and orange fins even, seriously pm me! I love two toned bodies with orange!! You'd make my whole year!

I'm sorry about the loss of the first spawn, but I honestly think successfully raising a spawn from them is something you're supposed to accomplish.. good luck!
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Originally Posted by GreenTea View Post
They're all imported. I've already made the decision to sell my giant stock to someone who wants to breed giants (except for my biggest giant girl who has a damaged swim bladder and needs special care from me. She stays ;])

The all have good fins and color. One female has not so great fins but she's an orange dragon with thick white scales and good body. They're all really beautiful. I know there are like 4 in my sorority I won't be breeding, I was hoping maybe to give them to someone who is trying to start a sorority, as they already have been living together peacefully for awhile. Theres a yellow butterfly girl, a salamander girl, an orange copper girl, the giant girls too.

I'm also getting some new pairs hopefully tomorrow, it took Jennifer (my transhipper) awhile to get back to me, hopefully they will be shipped tomorrow, or if not, Monday. Thanks for the support BL! It's not that I'm not taking good care of them, it's just that I know I'm going to have my hands full and really want to be able to focus on breeding and streamline my fish.
Great. Do you have pictures of them? In an album or somewhere? I LOVE Salamanders! I'm going to try start a few generations with them as well. They have such even color (99.99999999% of the time). I'm also interested in giants. I'll PM you to let you know my situation so if anything I am not going to disappoint you.

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