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Sorority in a Cube?

All right, so I'm still working out just how I'm going to do the upgrades with my four (things have been a little hectic, so plans have been temporarily put on hold until things are a little more sorted). I've toyed with the idea of a sorority but have the idea that greater horizontal length is better for such a set-up, but now I'm thinking I might ask those with more sorority knowledge what their opinion is.

Note: This is not to say I'll do a sorority rather than dividing the tank.

The tank in question is a 30-gallon Oceanic Cube which I would probably fill to, say, 20-25 gallons or so. I know that the primary keys to success with sororities is to densely plant them (particularly at the top), provide plenty of hides, basically break up lines of vision and provide plenty of options for escape, and have a minimum of 5-6 girls. I haven't seen anything mentioned about tank dimensions, particularly length, except that 10-gallons is, as usual, the minimum.

So...thoughts? Would it be better to wait to set up a sorority in a tank with more horizontal length? Or is it actually perfectly feasible to set one up in the cube?

Again, there's no saying that I actually would do a sorority yet, this is primarily out of curiosity.
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I had 5 females in a 12 inch cube and had no issues with it. I only moved them into a more traditional shaped tank because I liked the look better.

I just had plenty of surface cover as there was less area on top than with a longer tank.
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Join Date: Oct 2011
Location: Upstate NY
Interesting, and thank you!

It was starting to make just as much sense to me either way. With the cube I thought that so long as everything else was met it ought to do fine enough, but then I thought that a longer tank would offer them better chances to get away from one another. But perhaps it's simply a case then of stocking?

In all honesty I am, admittedly, tempted to give a sorority a shot since I'll be setting the 30-gallon up last (and therefore would have tanks available in the event it did not work out). I just have such a soft spot for the girls (and it'd make stocking decisions easier, haha).

We'll see...

Any other opinions, however? Still curious how others feel on this matter.
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