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We recently purchased a new tank for our betta, and added two neons, and a guppy in with him. All the fish seem to be doing fine. We added to bottle of bacteria which came with the tank as well. We are new to this, and don't really understand much about the whole cycling process and when it occurs. Our ammonia levels are currently between 0 and .25 ppm, and the tank has been set up for about a week now with the fish being put in on the third day. I know it is best to have the tank cycled before putting the fish in but. My question is, what exactly needs to be done to allow the tank to cycle. I guess where we are at now, we must do the fish in cycling, so should we be doing partial water changes daily? If so, for how long?

The tank also has a filter, heater, and 2 Amazon Swords. Any help would be great.

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Keep an eye on the guppy, your betta may start going after him. And neons are shoaling fish and need to be in groups of 6 or more. They also tend to be fin nippers, and are much more likely to pester your betta in such a small shoal.

What size tank is it? I would probably be doing 10-20% changes every other day or twice a week until it cycles. (or whatever you find keeps the ammonia below .25) You will see ammonia (which is what you have now), the nitrites, then nitrates. When you see the nitrate spike, your tank is cycled. It will do it on it's own. With the water changes you will be doing, it will take it a while to cycle. Maybe a month or two. I don't buy into those instant cycle, bacteria in a bottle additives. There is no way the bacteria can live in those conditions. It doesn't hurt anything, I just feel like it's a way to get your money.

Good luck :)
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Hi MaineBetta, I PMed you a quick guide on cycling. I hope it helps you. :)
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