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kagomes fury
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walmart policy: 3 days to return live fish. (or dead if they die) ive had her since before christmas. also... i wasnt aware of haven to watch the temp sounds like i need a special tank now. more $. :P
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kagomes fury
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tryed the mirror. it doesnt work anymore. its like he knows its reflection! he even looks at me like im a dumb! ;D
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You could try or yahoo freecycle to try to give away the goldfish or you could try either site to find an inexpensive tank.
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Hi. In my opinion the tank is probably too cold. Its winter and his room has cooled off but he is definitely tropical. The best temperature for a betta is about 80F. The tank is way too small for both fish. In the long run it would probably be cheaper to get a 10 gallon tank and a heater than keep trying to keep two fish together in a space too small for either one to be happy. The goldfish needs cold water, not the 80F the betta would like, and will do fine in most homes without a heater. The betta needs the heater to feel right and needs some swimming room. As mentioned by others, water quality is a concern and it is easier to maintain with enough water to properly dilute the wastes between water changes.
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Almost any lfs will take in fish for free. Try others in your are if Walmart won't take it back.

You mentioned that you wanted your betta to kill the goldfish. As much as I don't condone this, I can use it to see at least that you don't really want the goldfish. In which case, if you can't rehome her, euthanizing her would be kinder than allowing them both to live (for the shrt time that they would survive) in a 1.5g tank. At the beginning of starting and maintaining... there is a sticky on humane ways to euthanize a fish, should you decide this is for the best.

You could get a arger tank for the goldfish but remember that they need at least 40g to grow out, and larger eventually. I would never recommend keeping both fish togethert since goldfish won't live long in the temperatures that goldfish need, and bettas won't live long in the temperatures that goldfish need.

I would however recommend a tank upgrade to 5g or larger for your betta. 5g is the recommended minimum for bettas, and they are easier to keep than a 1.5g. They are also easier to find heaters and filters for, and have more space to fit them in.
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