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5 gal

I have one halmoon betta fish named Mr. betta in a 5 gal tank recantly I was thinking bout getting tank mates for him, he had tank mates with his previous owner so I thought he might enjoy some, I was thinking about getting glofish but was wondering if there bright colors might make Mr. Betta agressive towards them. If you have any other suggestions also please respond
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In a 5 gallon or less, you really shouldn't get any tankmates except for a snail or some shrimp, for two reasons. Firstly, a betta may not appreciate having to share that small space. Secondly, a five gallon can only take so much in terms of bioload (how much waste is created relative to how much the filter and water changes are removing).

In a ten gallon or up, you could consider tankmates. Personally, I wouldn't go for glofish in anything under a 20, and I'd think twice even then. Glofish are a form of danio and can be nippy, plus their extreme activity can stress a betta out. They also do better in slightly cooler water, whereas bettas enjoy warmer. You definitely couldn't get the necessary school of 6 into a 5 gallon.

For your 5 gallon, look at a snail or some shrimp. There are a lot of shrimp species available, but the three main "beginner" shrimp are ghost (clear, good scavengers but they do have claws), cherry (scavengers and moderate algae eaters, no claws, peaceful and easy to breed, pretty) and amano (slightly more brown than ghost shrimp and great algae eaters). Sometimes shrimp will end up as nothing more than a betta snack, but some bettas will ignore them. :)
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Thanks for the help, yea I have a feeling bout putting a shrimp in there I am most certain he will eat it, so maybe a snail...
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A good snail for you to get is a Nerite Snail. They can't breed in fresh water(they do in brackish), stay small, and are very attractive. Mystery/Apple snail get, In my opinion, too large for anything less than a 20 gallon. The other ones will breed too much, like rabbits.
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Yes, try your best to find a nerite snail. I think they also label them as zebra snails. Any other snails, even if you get one snail, it might already be pregnant, or many can actually reproduce by themselves O__O
So unless you enjoy crushing baby snails, go for the nerite.
Your betta can bite off the eyes of the snail though, but they should grow back x.x
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