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My Admiral is pretty laid back. Except for 5 minutes in the morning when I first turn on the light in his aquarium. He waits near the back of the tank when he knows i'm turning on the lights and when I do he flares like crazy at his reflection for a couple of minutes then it's over. Laid back again. And he never goes in his little cave except when it's time to cup him. He recognizes the red cup.

Winchester is Mr. hyperactive. when i'm close to his tank he swims around very fast near the front of the tank to attract my attention and then when I put my face closer he relaxes and follows my finger. He's a crazy guy.
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Heeehee ok so this is pretty random but i feed blazer omega one pellets. And i just read he ingredients again and it was mainly made out of whole salmon. Aha think about it, how often do bettas get the chance to taste a salmon, with them being way smaller and not living within the same area. Hahha our bettas gets to try exotic foreign food =) those lucky guys hahaa
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Sena Hansler
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I got Nebula (not Picasso anymore c:) just a few days ago and he's crazy o.o He's always pacing the divider and trying to impress Comet. I tried to shoo him from it so he'd find something else to do, because he likes to rub his face on the glass and he bit me! Little bugger. Now he has the audacity to attack my arm whenever he can. He doesn't even nip it, he just runs into it over and over...

Comet's pretty chill. I trained him to go and wait for food when I shake the pellet container :D He never flared at anything until the divided tank -_____- He's mostly ignoring Nebby now, but they're such guys. Just constantly showing off. He does this thing where he turns sideways and only sticks out half his beard O.O I don't even know.
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These are so funny! I love to read stuff like this!

I discovered something about my new girl Sakura! She isn't scared of me!!! My other fish hide if I put my hand in their tanks or cup water out. She will come right up to my finger. And whenever I walk by her tank she hurries over to the feeding corner! She is so cute!
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