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Old 01-27-2012, 03:16 PM   #1 
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5gallon, betta tank mates?

Tank: 5gallons, filter & heater, cycled, sand substrate, driftwood, watersprite (mainly floating, some held down by the drift wood), a pot thing on its side.

I've just finished re-cycling my tank after my last guppy died and I wanted to get rid of the snail population explosion so completely cleared it out and started again.

I'm going to be getting a male Betta tomorrow.

However, I'm playing with the possibility of getting a/some tank mate(s) in a few months time (around April) and want to hear peoples opinions and experiences about African dwarf frogs and Otto catfish.

Would an ADF be happy without other members of its species? Or would 2 be better? But would that then overstock the tank?

Again the same question about Otto catfish, how messy are they? would 1 be happy on its own? would 2 or 3 overstock the tank?

Also, I plan to put some salt in the tank before I get the betta, probably only a teaspoon per gallon (probably a bit more to start with though). Will this be ok with ADFs and ottos? (Also will it affect the watersprite if anyone knows?).

Thank you for any tips/suggestions/help :)
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Don't put the salt in, it should ONLY be used when a fish is ill. It is not a preventative.
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In a 5gal tank-its really not enough space to meet the needs of other species of fish-especially Otos-while they are a small fish-they need at least 20gals-mature heavy planted tank-kept in groups of at least 6 or more to thrive

Not sure on the frogs-never had them...

As posted-salt its not recommended or needed long term with a Betta and since you plan live plants-some plants can be sensitive to salt

Salt is a great product to used short term for treatments-for the right reason, dosage and to use QT for treatments too....

Often live plant failures are related to the wrong lights, old light bulbs, kelvin, watts and photoperiod when its not related to non-aquatic plants or improper planting-without the correct color temp most species of plants can't use nutrients.....
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Old 01-27-2012, 04:52 PM   #4 
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thanks for the comments :)

I've been advised on another forum against ottos as well so i won't be getting them.

Should i have salt in to start with? To help the betta deal with the stress of the new tank?
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Old 01-27-2012, 04:58 PM   #5 
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Usually its not needed-as long as you properly acclimate the Betta to both the temp and chemistry of the new water-by adding small amount of the new dechlorinated water to the holding container over 10-15min or to its tolerance-don't add any of the pet shop water to your tank.....once the Betta is in the new tank after proper acclimation-turn the light off and hold food for the first 24h....

Look forward to pics once you get your new Betta....
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you could have some ghost shrimp once the tank is well established
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I have 5 little Ghost Shrimp in one of my 5-gallons. They're pretty cool little dudes :)
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