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What happened to Creat and her fish...

First off let me say to all I promised fry to I am sorry I cannot feel comfortable giving out fish at this time I promise however by April (yes I know a long time!) I will have another spawn started and if I promised you fish then they will be free shipping included if you wish.
For anyone who remembered I was battling a disease with my betta, well it never stopped and it has reached a point where my fish are dropping dead not just my betta but my other tanks as well. I have come to the hard decision that the fish will be packed and shipped to another friend across the state. I have only 2 males and 1 breeding female left along with two other females that have survived in jars. Two fry survived after the disease hit them I sent the remaining 2 healthy fry (and one male) across the state to the same friend that the others are going to now I am glad to say they thrived. I have tried tearing down my tanks and cleaning them, drying them I have also tried washing it out with rid-ich to try to kill anything. I have failed I am taking my losses and saving who I can.
It starts with them clamping up and turning pale (common stress signs). Then they start to get blood on the tips of their fins, sometimes getting to septicemia if they live that long. It has ranged some live for a few days some months and has mostly effected my males. I have tried treating with maracyn 2, aq salt, epsom salt and raising the temp in all sorts of variations to no avail. I found just aq salt or just maracyn 2 had the best effect. I noticed now it takes less time for them to fall ill and die then before which worries me.
Sorry to anyone I promised fry to I cannot feel comfortable sending anyone fish when I have this whatever it is killing of my fish (this week it got 2 barbs one ghost catfish and 2 betta). :(

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Creat, I'm so sorry about all your losses. I'm sure people will understand.
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