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Old 02-07-2012, 05:16 PM   #11 
Rosso1011's Avatar
Join Date: Nov 2011
Location: Virginia
This is a really tough question for me. For dogs, it depends on the breed. If I'm looking for a guard dog, I'll pick a male. If I'm looking for a lapdog, female.
For rats, I prefer females because they tend to be more active and don't tend to smell as much.
As for bettas, no preference yet since I have yet to own a female.
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Old 02-07-2012, 05:18 PM   #12 
lorax84's Avatar
Join Date: Nov 2010
Location: Michigan
I prefer my dogs to be females. Most other pets I don't care. With fish I usually hope there are both males and female so I have a chance to breed them.
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Old 02-07-2012, 05:25 PM   #13 
fishman12's Avatar
Join Date: Sep 2010
Location: ........
I prefer male to female. I'm a guy so I guess I relate to the males better.
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Old 02-07-2012, 05:44 PM   #14 
Zappity's Avatar
Join Date: Oct 2011
Originally Posted by fishman12 View Post
I prefer male to female. I'm a guy so I guess I relate to the males better.
And I'm a girl so I relate to girls better :P I'm the same way.
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Old 02-07-2012, 06:11 PM   #15 
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EimajElocin's Avatar
Join Date: Feb 2012
Location: Tennessee
If given the choice, 9 times out of 10, female. Especially in dogs. I can't stand it when boys always lift their leg on flowers and everything, haha. Though I have rescued male dogs before.

When it comes to fish, it doesn't matter.
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Old 02-07-2012, 06:19 PM   #16 
Bombalurina's Avatar
Join Date: Oct 2011
Location: Australia
It depends on the pet. For rats, I prefer boys. I've never found them to smell (could have something to do with the daily cleanings :p) because they are such laid-back squishes. I love nothing more than when I am sitting in my favourite chair and my fat boy Hyde waddles up my chest and plonks himself down in *his* special spot on my right shoulder.
That being said, I am planning to neuter my boys and have girls as well, because they do have their own sweet charm, but if I had to choose I'd always have boys. I also prefer that boys are less likely to die of cancer.

For the reptiles I plan to have (a blue-tongue, a shingleback and a bearded dragon), I am going to have boys, I think, simply because of the health reasons.

For other animals, I'd get whatever I fell in love with. :)
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Old 02-07-2012, 06:19 PM   #17 
Laki's Avatar
Join Date: Aug 2011
Location: Dartmouth, NS
Dogs and cats I prefer male. I'm not much of a gardener so I don't care about the male pee. I actually haven't had a problem with my 20lb terrier and my natural growth yard though. I just find female cats and dogs more picky and prissy (won't go for a walk in the rain! sissy)
I haven't had a male rabbit before but I think my spayed female is prissy and sossy so I would try a male next. I hear neutered males are best kind. Females are so territorial, even with their tubes tied!!
Betta, I just like males better. Call me shallow!
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Old 02-07-2012, 06:52 PM   #18 
LittleBettas's Avatar
Join Date: Jul 2011
I prefer female dogs.... more belly to rub and never that wierd moment when you weren't paying attention all the way and went to rub their belly... XD
I don't have a preference for anything else.. though males are usually more mellow and more sociable for ALL animals
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Old 02-07-2012, 07:12 PM   #19 
nel3's Avatar
Join Date: May 2011
Location: Montreal
i dont mind any particular gender for pets. im still at the point where any one that catches my eye gets chosen. as for betta, i do prefer males but id have loved if my betta in the avy was a female as per the original plan. original plans dont always go as desired especially if the color pattern i s hard to come by for my green dt. if anything im still looking for a green marble female betta of similar colour pattern, tail type is less important.

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Pitluvs's Avatar
Join Date: Jun 2011
Location: Nova Scotia, Canada
We prefer males, have all females *shrug* lol
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