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Normally... when I get a betta from a petstore... I go for the one that looks like it has the least chance of being bought or surviving.... if Im at one of the few places that keeps great care of their bettas... I go for the one that seems to have the most personality or I go for my personal favorites.. marbles or bettas with blue eyes... if Im purchasing from Aquabid... thats a different story (bettas for breeding)
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When we chose a betta for my daughter, it was kind of a toss up really. They were all in very cold water so were sluggish. There were some marbles and some reds. I knew that whichever we picked for her would never be bred, so I looked them all over (though not the females as I had decided to get her a male). I chose Hannibal in the end. He looked a bit pathetic as he had most of his dorsal missing. A lovely blue with black head and red on his fins. He's one crazy, messed up fish but interesting to watch.

I've recently bought 6 for myself. I bought them from DarkMoon. How did I choose them? Had my eye on one of the males from the start. I thankfully was able to get him. He looks chrome colored with his dragon scales and so looks like my favorite color. XD The second male I liked the looks of and the design I saw on his dorsal. Third male has red on his fins and something about him just pulled at me. The girls... I picked 2 black dragon females for looks alone. The third is a marble female. Took me a while to pick her out. I knew I wanted a third so I could start a sorority, but didn't want to get one I didn't like. I don't normally go for marbles, but something about her made me want her.
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