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Location: Hickory, NC (USA)
10 Gallon Theoretical stock

1 Betta
4 Peppered Cory
2 Zebra Otocs

Is this accurate that all these fish could live together in 10 gallons. I have the whisper 2-10i filter and it shows my filtration as lacking. What would be a good filter to get?
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An Aquaclear HOB filter is a great filter to get. I ended up getting an Aquaclear 30 for my 10 gallon for more filtration.
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I would make a couple of changes. Rather than peppered cories, I would get pandas (they are much smaller and extremely cute) and have 6 of them. I would also drop the otos. They are really quite sensitive and need to be in schools. A ten gallon can't support a full school of otos.
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Or you could get a nerite snail (for similar algae control to what otos provide) and then a whole bunch of the really small corys like dwarf cory (Corydoras hastatus), pygmy cory (Corydoras pygmaeus), or salt-and-pepper cory (Corydoras habrosus). I'm not sure about the exact length of the different species of smaller corys, but they're SO cute and SO "the more, the merrier," so if smaller lets you get more, than can only be good!
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