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PH and Carbon?

In previous posts I have talked about setting up the old 10 gallon I have for my hyperactive Betta named Dinq and I was going to seed the tank from the older and smaller aerated tank he's in now.

So, everything went smooth, I cleaned everything up, put his new castle cave in there and a few other little ornaments that I'm sure will amuse him and plenty of plants (I know most enthusiasts use real ones, but I'm not sure if I can handle the real ones yet and I do not want to hurt Dinq because I can't properly take care of aquarium foliage).

Well, I let it run all day and tested the PH last night for funzies to make sure the parameters aren't completely out of whack. Obviously the newly seeded tank need some time to re-develop so I knew my readings weren't going to be exact on the nitrates and nitrites. Ammonia was obviously at 0 with no fish in there and my PH was up. Normally it sits around 7.6ish in his smaller tank and the readings have been 6.4.-6.6 somewhere in that frame. Obviously, it's not EVEN close to being the water that he's used to.

So where is the problem?

Personally, I think the only thing that really changed from the tanks was more decor, but I didn't think that the decor being plastic and cleaned was going to make a difference. So my immediate thoughts were the carbon in the carbon activated filter that he doesn't obviously have in his old tank since he's on aeration. Any thoughts on this?

I obviously don't want parameter problems when having to change the water in that tank. I cut the carbon neatly out of the filter to see if that will give it a change. I'm gonna let it run and get some more thoughts on this and check it after the water has had a chance to re-cycle through.

Maybe someone else has had experience with this? Any ideas and perhaps even suggestions would be swell :)

Thanks in advance!
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What kind of test kit are you using? Did you try again? It's possible it was a false reading. Have you tested your tap water (or whatever source water you use)?

If you don't have any fish in there, you don't have any ammonia in there (obviously). Which also means your "seeded" bacteria will only last so long. Ammonia is basic, it will raise the pH. I would test your tap water (let it sit for 24 hours before doing so). If your tap water is at 7.6, something is off. If it's closer to the 6.4 you're reading in your new tank, everything is fine and it will probably shift as it begins to get established.
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I haven't played much with my own personal water here, seeing as i just moved to this base a few days ago :P

I wanted to get it to match his tank water so I wasn't killing him with PH shock. The PH still didn't move after adjusting a few things, so I added some baking soda to make the switch from his tank to the bigger one. Right now things have been stable in there now. He's just still freaking out because he can see himself. But I think I took care of that by putting up some construction paper on the glass :)
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carbon, filter, new tank, ph change

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