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Amano is a japanese scientist that does some of the best aquascapes in the world. He is also responsonible for the discovery of several species.. such as Amano shrimp. There are several other species ending with japonica, most of them are from him.

Edit: He may not actually be a scientist after all, and he only popularized the Amano shrimp, didn't actually discover them apparently. Here's a link to his wiki page.

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Originally Posted by thekoimaiden View Post
This sounds like a better stocking plan. The only thing I would check is temp requirements. I know gourami like higher temps (above 78F), and I'm pretty sure danio perfer lower temps (below 78F). Ideally you want to keep fish in the lower to middle of their temp range. Making a fish live on the extreme upper end of its preferred range will cause a shorter life span.

Plants can make a difference with stocking levels but only if you have a heavily planted tank. And if you have a heavily planted tank you will likely need to fertilize it to get the growth you want. Also the type of plants matter greatly. If you have a bunch of slow-growing plants they won't take up much nitrogen. The fast growing stem and floating plants will make a difference, but a few anubias or other slow-growing plants won't.
Oh, I forgot! Danios like around 74 I think. :P This is kind of off topic, but what is a guppies temp range?

I've never actually had a planted tank, so I don't know if I'd jump right to NTP. lol The plants help keep amonia down, yes?
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I keep my tank at 76F, and my danios/gourami are thriving. I've had them for almost a year now with no ill effects.

I like the new stocking list! Looks like a good mixture of top/mid/bottom fish... just watch the Danios and the Gourami and make sure they don't compete for the top section. My Gourami is actually pretty calm but I have never put him with any fish that would cause him to show aggression. He does chase my Danios from time to time

Guppies have a HUGE temperature range, but the temps effect their bodies. Lower temps cause them to slow down their metabolism, which slows down breeding and aging. Higher temps cause them to live shorter lives, but breed like rabbits. I believe anything 70-80F is best for them, depending on what you feel comfortable exposing them to.
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