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Old 02-14-2012, 04:44 AM   #1 
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He's sick again!

I'm completely shocked by what just happened.

I got 2 snails to add to my 10 gallon tank and my betta has been in perfect health for the longest time. I've been keeping up with the water changes making sure nothing is out of order the only problem i've had as far as cleanliness is the usual algae hence why I got snails.

Either way there isn't even THAT MUCH algae to where it's painfully noticeable and I keep the water level up right.

I use prime water conditioner and that is it nothing else other than the bettafix i was recommended to make sure his fins don't get infected while healing from his last little sickly incident.

Well tonight I added 2 snails at around 9ish.

I just checked on them at 3am and my betta is OBVIOUSLY sick. with a tint of gold and he actually was scraping around on decor this time.

I'm assuming velvet but am not 100% sure and am not able to take vids or pics right now.

There is NO debris NO rotting food NOTHING out of the order other than I added those 2 snails so what in the world?!
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Snails can carry parasites just as well as anything else, all new additions to a tank should be quarantined for a week or three to ensure there are no issues that crop up.

Take the snails out and quarantine them for a couple weeks since you know they are the culprit.

For the Betta, jack the temperature up to 86 degrees, do a major water change, and dose with Coppersafe (or other medication). The meds are also a reason to remove the snails as most will kill inverts.
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it seems fortunate that I caught this quickly enough and had common sense to quarantine dahvie in new water immediatly because he is already looking better. I'm not sure what it was that he caught but it was he only looks discolored but is swimming correctly so the meds are working but I'm going to keep him quarantined while I thoroughly clean out his tank etc. Snails are going back to petsmart. Can't decide if I wanna get new snails or what but right now these guys are gone.
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