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Betta trying to eat fake anemone

Hey everyone, quick question to ask about my little guy and his new found behavior.

I've had "XX Fish Fish" for about 2 months now. I started him off in a 2.5g filtered/heated and he has been quite happy. Had a little bout of fin rot after biting his tail, and now has some healthy regrowth going on. I had to get him into his 2.5g when we got him, as he was a gift in a grab at X-mas, and the tank was full of food (like FULL of food) so I wanted to make sure he wasn't going to over eat and/or the tank was full of bad water. So his original tank never fully cycled.

I spent all last week setting up his new 5g filtered/heated tank (charcoal bio wheel) and let it cycle. I had clear, to cloudy, to clear, and decided today to put him in.

He went in, he did his very shy thing after he's been netted, and eventually started getting used to his new surroundings. He's always had silk plants, a leaf hammock, and his rock cave, but I added in a new addition: A small rock formation with fake anemonaes on it. Once he passed by/thru them a few times, he even stopped in one to rest. But after a few hours I noticed one strand had gone out from the rest, which caught his attention....he followed it, then tried to eat it! He sat there, like a fish on a fishing line, not really fighting or moving, with it in his mouth. I FREAKED OUT! I waited about 10-15 seconds, he didnt make any attempt to eat or let go so i swept it out of his path. He let go, only to track it down again and try again. So I removed the whole formation from his tank (which kinda made him sad)

My question (after all that!) is can give it back to him? I'm worried he'll try (or worse succeed) in eating the little rubbery ends! Nothing on the net about this, has anyone had any success with bettas + fake anemonae?
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I should point out, the tank didn't actually cycle. That takes a lot more than a week. :)

I would give him one more go on the anenome, but if he tries it again, don't risk it. Maybe look into getting him some java moss instead. It is probably the closest live plant to this anenome (don't worry, if you are scared of live plants - you cannot kill this stuff) and might make a comfortable little bed for him. :)
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