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Old 02-22-2012, 01:19 PM   #11 
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If you use a split tank, you run the risk of tiny fry swimming to the other side and getting eaten by whoever is over there.
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I was going to make sure they were split so that wouldn't happen. I'm all so going to have a lid on the tank so they wouldn't be able to jump over either. I'm just wondering if it would be a good idea or not...
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Its not a good idea to use a divided tank for spawning-along with the issue with the tiny fry being able to get over to the other can also have issues that can over stress the male that can cause him to eat his eggs/fry

Once you have done your research, gather all your needed supplies, obtain and learn to culture the needed live foods for the fry-
Then while you are getting the breeding pair conditioned for 2 weeks....I would get a 10gal tank setup-add some live plants and common snails and let it start to mature and then by feeding the common snails fresh veggies will help get a good colony of infusoria/microorganism going for the fry to feed on for the first few days after the free swimming stage.
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All right, I'll wait for the petco $ per gallon sale happens and I'll get the breeding tank then. Would shrimp work just as well as snails though? My mom won't let me have snails DX

Would I have to take my male Betta out of the tank he's currently in, with other fish, when I condition him?

What type of food would you recommend to condition the male and female?
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For foods, high nutrient stuff, frozen foods like daphnia, bloodworm, and even brine shrimp, or live foods like certain worms (not sure which, I haven't read up on them too much yet), flightless or wingless fruit flies. I just got some flightless fruit flies and my girls are tearing them apart, my boys aren't quite as enthusiastic!
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Old 02-22-2012, 05:43 PM   #16 
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Okay! I'll probaly get something that's frozen my mom would kill me if I got something that's moving XD
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I suggest reading many of the spawn logs here, and studying the sticky threads. It takes a lot of devoted time and money to breed and raising a spawn.
So example, you will most likely need live food for the fry, Baby brine shrimp, microworms, etc. You will need roughly a 20 gal grow out tank. A heater, a sponge filter, a good amount of live plants, and a good amount of about half gal containers to jar the fry.
You have to be prepared for 3 or so feedings day for the fry, plus daily water changes.

Its always best to be prepared and then some when thinking about breeding.
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Yep! I've been reading a lot of the logs and such on here along with going on other sites and reading info there to. I know most of the stuff I need to buy/all ready have and the feeding and water changes are why I'm planing on doing all of this during the summer so I will have more time. I'm just trying to get well informed before hand and get most of the equipment needed!
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