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Originally Posted by Shirleythebetta View Post
Thanks for the explaination Byron. I learned quite a bit there. I appreciate it.
I second that statement.
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Originally Posted by labloverl View Post
Thanks Byron! I'm about 90% sure that it was not there when I got it and that was about a month ago, so I was worried.

None of them are flashing, but they are chasing each other around a lot and spinning in circles with each other. I read somewhere that it was a mating thing for neons, and they all do it a lot! But no flashing.

Thanks again. I hope to get a betta real soon, but I was not about to if that was ich.
That is normal characins behaviour, and if you see it the fish are probably "feeling their oats" which means they are happy--and that means healthy. This is why characins must be kept in groups, they interact a lot. It may be play, or more serious to them, but it is natural and good.

On the Betta, I would not add a male Betta with these fish. You are asking for trouble. First, Betta may consider tetra food (I had a Betta many years ago and he ate my neons, or tried to and killed them). Second, a sedate fish like a Betta with its flowing fins can be too much of a temptation for other fish to nip; and all characins are prone to this, depending upon various factors. I wouldn't risk it. In my considered opinion, a Betta deserves its own space. It is not a community fish.

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I totally agree with Byron that bettas aren't commumity fish. They do best on their own.
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