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Originally Posted by 4everaspirit View Post
Maybe these stores shouldn't be making a profit off of you. Do they deserve to with the way they treat the fish? That's is the question. Even if you buy their stuff, how would that change their behavior? You would have to at least bring up your concerns to them, otherwise they wouldn't realize that there was a problem at all, and to them, you are just buying another fish and all it's equipment. o.o. Though, wouldn't it seem weird to say to a manager, "I'm buying this betta and all of it's tank and supplies, but you guys need to provide better care for these better or I will not be coming back here."? Would that person even be believable? If someone is okay with buying fish in a poor state in their store once, who's to say they won't do it again, and again? Hence, the store could just keep railing profit from you. You would have to keep checking with the store to make this work, and sticking to your commitment to not buying anything more from them if they have not changed.

Anyway, I just personally think it's better to adopt fish that people are trying to get rid of because they can't take care of, or adopt from shelters. I'd rather not support those causing the problems in general :)
trust me
these companies are FULLY aware of how they are treating their animals. More than 90% of animal lovers aren't going to keep their mouths shut. They WILL speak up. These stores treat the animals this way manly because they have very limited amount of money to give them proper care. That and the animals are there as a fast sale. They don't expect to be keeping these animals more than 3-5 months.

Really sorry to hijack your thread OP
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Wow wish we had fish that nice at our Wal-Mart. Glad you gave him a home to be happy and safe in.

The way I look at the Wal-Mart issue is that even if the people that were knowledgeable and gave them proper care stopped buying it wouldn't stop them. The problem lies within the general population's mindset toward these fish. Even with animal lover types they don't really ever think or talk about mistreatment of the fish. If it doesn't weigh 10 or more lbs and have fur it usually doesn't get much awareness of the abuse they go through. Consider how many people just buy Bettas on a whim. I'll admit the two fish in my tanks right now were bought on whims. They see these $4 cups with these cute little guys in them. If you watch the people that don't have a clue about these fish when they pick out a fish the ones that are sickly looking don't even bother them. They don't ask why these fish are in such poor condition or shouldn't they be better taken care of for the time being. They just look for the best one at the time to take home. They ask the associate what it needs and the associate (that doesn't really know the fish) looks at the shelf and picks out a designer Betta home and chunks it at them. They do this because they don't actually know the fish... they just read the packages and make the best guess as to what kind of water and water change schedule you should have. The guy that sold me my fish actually recommended me to put my fish in untreated tap water. I was lucky I suggested that maybe I should use the gallon spring water jugs. I put them in that then came here and got my ducks in a row. Then had to go back to a Wal-Mart to buy all the stuff unfortunately because they was the only place that was open at the time my money came available.

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A great rescue. He's gorgeous. Good for you!
How did they have him labeled? I know some places get confused when they get PKs in and males end up labeled as females. XD

Hope he really thrives for you. You did rescuing/saving him. I'm sure he likes or even loves living with you. ^_^ Hope he brings you lots of smiles!
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I did talk to the manager and they weren't very moved by my 'betta speech'
I plan on taking their abusive ways to a higher athourity..but who? :/
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Originally Posted by FlaneryPlakat View Post
Wow.. This thread was definitely hijacked...

Gorgeous fish though. I think he's grateful for what you did to make his life worth living again. (ouo)b
What do you mean by hijacked? I'm not hijacking the thread in the literal sense because I am staying on topic about the fish and the action that was done for him. If I had switched to a different topic, that would be hijacking. I'm entitled to my own opinion of how I don't see the betta as a "rescue." If people can't handle a difference of opinion maturely, that's not on me.
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Originally Posted by SecretStich View Post
I did talk to the manager and they weren't very moved by my 'betta speech'
I plan on taking their abusive ways to a higher athourity..but who? :/
Hmmm, did you try calling their headquarters? You might have to talk to the person above the manager. I'm glad you said something about the fish's condition though :)
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Originally Posted by Bettabubble3 View Post
um walmart?!!!!!!! Hes beautiful
EXACTLY my reaction! ROFL.
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