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here he is
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Originally Posted by rosy delta View Post
Glad to hear Yoyo loaches dont get big. I recently bought one. I just love it! he is everywhere in the tank. does not hide at all. active, friendly, gets along with the cats and the betta, and is starting to eat the excess snails too. I also have a skunk loach in another tank. I never see him, but i also only have baby snails left so i guess he is doing his job.
Be careful with that loach and your betta. My yoyo nips at my jack dempsey. A lone yoyo can be a violent They're better in groups because they fight with eachother and leave everyone else alone.

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I've got two black/brown kuhli loaches currently and a hillstream loach named Kite. Kite doesn't do much, mostly hides, but gets more active in the evening, which is when the rabbits do (the kuhli loaches). Check this (with horrible water quality) and this taken just a few moments ago. Watch your volume. The rabbits do this all the time in the evening. Kite's a little more shy. Kuhli loaches are supposed to be shy and not social if there's only a couple of them... Uhno. They're perfectly happy to try and wriggle through Honey, race alongside the glass, all sorts. They particularly adore getting right up and personal with the heater. For about ten or so minutes now the bigger of the two has been racing alongside the glass like in that second video.
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rosy delta
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i will keep an eye on him. right now all is well, if things get dicey he will go in with the skunk loach. they can duke it out! I hope there are no problems for a long time tho. I really like him. right now he is only about 1 1/2 inch long. Thanks for the heads up Ehh!
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Kuhli loaches, when you have more than one/two, are pretty active, fun little dudes. I can't seem to keep mine, they are very sensitive fish. Any little blip with my cycle (we had 2 accidents in the past month and a half, one time I forgot to turn the filter back on after a WC and the second thing, a power surge pooched our filter and we didn't realize until about 12 hours later) and each time, we lost loaches. They are very sensitve, as they don't have scales really, so they absorb chemicals and stuff more readily. I do think they are good with bettas though, and I would love to have more. I enjoy watching their antics.
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I friend of mine has a Golden Dojo loach in a 55 gallon. At times you can find it just sitting at the bottom. It seem to like to swim thought the bubble, it fun to watch it. It also has the cutest face. I want to get one but not sure if it a good idea, I have a 20 gallon long.
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rosy delta
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I had a gold dojo when I was a teenager, centuries ago. I loved that fish!! he got to be about 5 inches long, but sadly escaped the tank one night and was too far gone by the time i found him.
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