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No offense to any Aussies but I really couldn't live there. The country seems nice, the people seem nice but their rules HOLY CRUD! You can't seem to do anything there without getting a permit or paying a ton of money.

I'd much rather deal with the crazies and the jerks here in the states.
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Originally Posted by JessikaSky View Post
Tanks are pretty expensive in Aus, I got a 60L (15 gallons) for $60 second hand so that was a pretty good bargain. I'd also like to rant about the fact we can't get fish shipped to us in Tasmania :( I found a great Australian site with tones of fishies but stupid Tasmania doesn't allow for it, can't even get live plants either waaaa
$60 for a 15 gallon tank is a great bargain. I wish i could have gotten my tank for that much. >.<
Also, i have no idea why i measure in gallons now. It's a weird habit of mine even though we measure in liters here lol
Here in NSW we can get live plants but they are pretty expensive. :(
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I was on a forum looking at different things for marine tanks, when I checked out the betta section, I found someone asking about bettas and bala sharks and to my surprise I found someone actually lying to this poor person about how bala sharks will eat the betta and be aggressive. I mean, wth? I've kept them for nearly ten years, and raised two from like when they were half the size of my thumb to over seven inches. So naturally I have another three of them in a big ass tank living *peacefully* with my baby bettas. I confronted this person and told them to stop lying to people and start learning a thing or two about fish. The worst part is that person used to be part of this forum and is now on that forum encouraging first time betta buyers to acquire one gallon tanks for their bettas
I mean really.

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Originally Posted by FishyFishy89 View Post
Right now, education doesn't mean a single thing. It's all about experience in your job field. If a college degree holds no value right now, then it more than likely won't later on.
I both agree and disagree with this. In business type jobs, I think you are totally correct, but in certain professional programs (med, vet, engineering, etc.) you definitely NEED the knowledge that you learn in college . Not that everyone who is a doctor actually seems to realize that however ... but doctors being incompetent (and potentially completely destroying my life because of it) is a rant that would tank me an entire book to describe .
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Rant: Malfunctioning heaters. Woke up today to find one of my tanks at 93 degrees. :(
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