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Aquatail's Avatar
Join Date: Jun 2012
Location: Pacific Coast
So I ordered an expansion pack for a game and got it in the mail today only to find that it's a different bundle of two expansion packs! I know that sounds a little whiney, I mean technically I ordered one and got two, but it is NOT the same thing! I already have the other one and I'm not totally sure if they are separate discs or, if they aren't, what would happen if I tried installing a bundle when I already have one of the games installed.

There's a reason I paid a bit more to get the one expansion pack by itself instead of getting the bundle, which I could've found in store and avoided paying shipping. At this point I'm frustrated, but can understand the confusion. The expansion pack I ordered is in there in one form or another, someone could potentially mistake it for what I thought I ordered.

But then I go looking and find a listing for the same bundle from the same seller for less! Um, excuse me, what?

It took some research, but I think the two expansions are separate discs and codes, so I think I could just use it anyway and tell my OCD too bad I don't have the original casing, but to find that the seller has a separate listing for less, that's what I'm really frustrated about.
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Reference Team
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Join Date: Dec 2012
Location: Alberta, Canada
Why is the skin around my nails turning orange? This is disgusting.

PetMania I totally feel you on that!
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cheekysquirrel's Avatar
Join Date: Jan 2014
Location: Perth, Australia
So I've just come from the eye clinic. I went in because for the second time in a year, I've been noticing systems of graft rejection. Because I've been through it before, as soon as I noticed the first symptom (redness due to angry blood vessels) I started monitoring.
I was so vigilant and caught it so early, they don't know if it's actually a rejection episode. I may have a rejection line between 9 and 6 (location, not time lol) near the suture line, and that coupled with the redness has prompted them to put me back on the maxidex until I can see my opthalmologist.

It's kinda funny, right? I caught the rejection so early that it may not be rejection. I think there's a joke there.
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Join Date: May 2012
Location: Springfield, Va
Amazon, what's the deal with them? I order about 6 things two weren't sold by them so I paid shipping. They break my order into 3 shipments, then change it to 4. I got one quickly, the next today. The other isn't due until friday at the latest. But the last, one I paid shipping for and I'm quoting amazon at 3-5 days, may not be here until Nov 4th?! Now I'm no math genius but if I order something on the 14th and it comes Nov 4th I think that's a little longer than 5 days! >:(

Well at least I got my hair tonic so now my beard isn't all scraggly. :D
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