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Oh, I'm so sorry I forgot that. They're U.S. based. I think the amazon company I ordered from overseas to you, too. Good luck!
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I think I should probably put my location back under my display photo as most of the members on here seem to come from the US/Canada and probably assume I am likewise.

I don't know why I decide to start big projects in my fish room during such hot weather. My fish room is sitting at 32 degrees Celsius, and by the time I'd finished draining tanks, moving tanks, and lugging buckets back and forth, I felt like I was working in a sauna.

I went to the fish store today and picked up three hollowed out logs. According to the employee there, this wood (I'm not 100% certain what it is) will release loads of tannins, which is exactly what I am looking for.

This is what my main rack looks like now.

I've torn down my Betta livida tank, and set-up two tanks on the bottom shelf. One is for the breeding pair of Betta livida and the other is for the rest of the group.

The fish store I visited had no java moss in stock. However, I was able to salvage a surprising amount from my tank once I'd blasted all the algae and detritus off with the garden hose. So the only tank that needs java moss now, is my F1 Betta coccina tank, and I'm going to steal some from my F0 Betta coccina tank as I know it is disease free.

The tank with all the moss is for the breeding pair. I've still got to add duckweed and mayaca fluviatilis to provide some surface cover, but otherwise they will be going in tomorrow. I just wanted the pH and temperature to stabilise so I didn't cause them any extra stress. Especially since the female decided to jump out of her temporary holding tank and scare the crap out of me.

My next big 'project' will be moving my Betta persephone tank to my sideboard, moving my two Betta sp. api api tanks down onto the bottom shelf, and then dismantling the top shelf. That's going to be done very slowly and with utmost care because I don't want my Betta sp. api api groups getting stressed, especially the young fry.

I also eventually (in another couple of weeks) want to set-up a tank for a pair of F1 Betta sp. api api. There's a couple of very nice females and males and it's about time they did something more than just stuff their faces.

After getting everything done, I took a few quick snaps before collapsing in a sweaty heap.

Betta brownorum juvenile.

F1 Betta uberis.

I'm annoyed this photo turned out so blurry. But it's of one of my F1 Betta uberis males challenging his father (at front).

Before realising just how big and mean his father is, and beating a hasty retreat. Run away! Run away!

A young male just starting to colour up.

Maverick being his usual affectionate self. It was water change day yesterday, and I added some IAL to their tanks, so both boys were feeling particularly feisty.

They are now engrossed in a bubblenest building competition because I have them uncarded.
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