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Originally Posted by farmgirl82 View Post
Java ferns & java moss are some other easy plants. The java ferns & java moss can be attached to a rock (not too smooth) or driftwood. The moss can also be left floating...
I am planning on adding those plants to my tank, but I want to get Frogbit and Water Sprite to float around for a bit (I also don't want to kill my fish from adding too many plants at the same time)
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I wouldn't worry about killing your fish as long as you quarantine your plants. I added around 50 plants to my 10 gallon at once, as well as a metric ton of floaters, and he adapted just fine.
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I never QT my plants and never had a problem...

There is no such thing as killing fish from adding to many plants, lol.
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Yeah, my fish flip when I add plants to their tanks. In happiness! The only way you can kill fish by adding plants is if the plants are dead (or if they aren't aquarium plants, and are poisonous). Then they'd mess up your water and possibly kill the fish. But generally you notice the plant is going south before it affects water quality enough for that. Just avoid adding brand-new plants right before a vacation if you can.

Water sprite and frogbit are perfectly fine. Trim off the whole yellowed leaf. Anubias doesn't need root tabs, but some other plants will, so they're good to have on hand.

Flourish is an awesome fertilizer. :) With low light and Flourish, you can grow a nice variety of low-tech plants and not have to worry too much about them.

Examples of low-light plants you could grow now:
Banana plant
Java fern
Java moss
Water wisteria
Water sprite
Most floating plants--frogbit, duckweed, etc.
Anubias--you shouldn't be having problems with this really, don't know why it isn't going for you. By the way, there are like twenty species of anubias easily available to aquarists if you order online--they vary quite a bit in appearance too.
Moss balls

Examples of what you can grow with Flourish:
Green camboba
Probably Creeping Charlie
Probably Ludwigia repens
Myriophyllum mattogrossense
Dwarf lily

Also, all your low-light plants will grow faster and do better with good fertilizer. Your Leaf Zone might be all right--I have no experience with it, so if I were you I'd take tankman's word that Flourish is better. Seachem is the trusted brand around here--they make Prime, Flourish, Excel (a liquid CO2 additive), specialty ferts in case plants have, say, a nitrogen deficiency, and even special substrate. What you need for your plants is Flourish (although if you don't have Prime, I highly recommend getting some).

Finally, if you get root tabs, you can grow crypts and swords too--but be aware that some of them DO have special needs (and, mainly in the case of the swords, some can grow too large for a 10g tank). Always research your plants before you buy, just like you'd research a new fish before you put it in your tank!

Good luck!

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Thanks you guys so much ^-^ I looked into the Flourish ferts, and there is so many obtains 0-0 I'll take your word and invest in Flourish and Prime. Probably order online from Amazon and also get some Omega Betta Buffet pellets (since they are also highly praised here and my I think my betta would like that food better than his Aqaueon Betta food).

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Yep, they're better than the Aqueon pellets. When people get a betta that's a picky eater and absolutely refuses to nom on anything else, they'll often eat OO pellets, so I guess they must taste good to a betta.

Seachem has about a million fertilizers. Well, at least enough to make your garden shed look like an underground chemist's. Don't be intimidated by it. You don't need the fancy stuff for the plants you've picked out, just Flourish... and Prime for your fish, especially if you haven't got other water conditioner (even if you do, Prime's the best).

I bet your betta is going to be super happy :D
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Haha I hope he is ^-^ I feel so bad not "playing" with him more and him perhaps being bored when I'm at school.
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