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Old 09-10-2014, 04:04 PM   #161 
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He's gorgeous, yeah.
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Procrastinating on homework, so I might as well update my journal!

I either reached another level or hit a new low in this hobby. Recently, I had a job interview (it went well and I got the job). Afterwards, I took a ride to a shopping center to just look around because I was getting antsy from being stuck on campus. Of course looking turned into looking around, going into Petco, finding, and buying a betta. Because, of course. I brought my new friend back and made sure he was nice and comfortable.

Saturday morning, I checked the temperature in my new boy's tank and noticed that it was kind of cold, so I hopped on the shuttle and rode fifteen minutes to another nearby shopping center where they had another pet store. Somehow in that span of time, I ended up in the checkout with another heater, another 10 gallon tank, some more plants, and some guppies. The cashier took pity on me because I had to ride the shuttle. She found me a cardboard box in the back and packed and taped everything up for me to carry back. My residential hall back on campus is a walk uphill from the shuttle stop and my dorm is up three flights of stairs. My arms were trembling so badly when I finally finished setting everything up. The things we do for fish. xD

New betta! He is a handsome partial dragonscale HMPK.

Oh, yeah, he has attitude too.

Some of dem guppies. The big red female is the only one with a name. She is Meredith.

They really like to photobomb.

Little guy I spotted in the feeder tank and had to have. I think he is a male.

Favourite male

"Um, do you mind?!"

Little guy thirdwheeling

Partial tank shot

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I woke up this morning and found a baby!

I think the mom is my half black female. She looks much less plump than she did. I spotted a sibling as I was about to run out the door to head to class, but that one got gobbled up by another female before I could catch it. I'm sure there were others, but in a tank with so many adults, they wouldn't have last long.
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Your new boy and guppies are all quite pretty!
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Thank you. I haven't had guppies in a long time. They are really fun.

I do not believe I have shown these guys off yet. We adopted these two when a friend needed to rehome. One is a wild-type and the other is GFP leucistic albino. We don't know their sexes yet, but I named the wild-type Alice.

Sadly, in addition to new additions, I also have to report a loss. Ci got Aru, our oldest betta and first female, from Walmart less than a month after we got together (can you see my influence there? xD). She started off in a hastily set up 1 gallon plastic Walmart tank, but was quickly upgraded to a 5 gallon and soon after that, a 10 gallon. Later, she lived in a 20 gallon long, where she enjoyed top fish status (if only because all the others fled from her because she was so big). Although unremarkable in appearance, she was a wonderful fish. She saw us through so much and she will be sorely missed. Wish I had more pictures of her, but this one will have to do.

SIP February 12, 2012 - September 9, 2014

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