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Head tilts are quite common in Guinea pigs. Do you know exactly what the infection was and how it was caused?

Might be worth asking on a specific Guinea pig forum?

I've just set up one and we have some experienced members who would be more than happy to help you out and provide some advice etc. There are also some pinned topics which might be able to provide you with some information too.

Here is the link: Guinea pig forum | Information, help, discussion and more!

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Originally Posted by NeptunesMom View Post
Mine isn't that bad. She can get around without having to lean on something. She is zipping around her cage, she just does it really oddly. Almost like she has been spinning in a circle and then trying to walk.

I think she should be okay on the infection. I have been watching her really closely, and first sign of anything I'm going to take her to my cavy savvy vet.

I'm sorry about your cat. It's always hard dealing with special needs animals. I have several special needs horses too, and it is frustrating but rewarding.
As odd as it sounds, I don't think I've ever felt sorry for my boy cat. He has a twin brother to take care of him, and he's the most loving thing ever. He purrs so loud you can hear him coming a room away. I doubt he knows that he's broken. Yes, he can be frustrating, and has to have his pain medication which isn't cheap, and pills for his stomach problems.. honestly, it's nothing I wouldn't do for any of my babies. It's so great knowing I'm not the only one who can love an animal with a disability. A lot of people just want to give up.
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Well said MollyJean........I also think that all animals deserve a happy life. I had a cockateil bought for me when I was 5 years old...... I only lost her this year she lived to be 18 and 1/2 years old. She was poorly and neglected before I got her but she soon picked up. When she got older the last five years of her life she got bad arthritis in her legs and it crippled her. She could no longer walk or climb to reach her food and water. She had her peculiarities though and did not like change so I could not move her food and water dish to sit near her. So several times a day I would lift her over to her food and water so that she could drink and eat and I would sit her back in her favourite spot when she was finished. She learnt to 'ask' me when she wanted to eat or drink so she never went hungry or thirsty. Despite her disability she was a very happy bird, she would get excited when ever she saw me and she loved a scratch (I gave her regular scratches to keep her happy) and would happily preen her feathers ever day and I gave her lots of treats (cornflakes were her fave). In winter she started to get cold so I put a 'night light' on her and covered her cage to keep her warm and happy. When I lost her I felt so lost... I had done so much for her for so long......She was such a big part of my life for a very long time, we grew up together.
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