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Weird gunky film in tank + Pale betta

Hello all, seems my DTHM Leo just can't catch a break lately (finally named him).

Now his tank has this weird film at the top of the water that eventually gets heavy enough to sink and get attached to the plastic plants and rock hut I have for him. I'm not sure what it is but I almost want to give him a total water change and give everything inside a good scrub down.

He was pale when I checked on him today when I came home. It was a dark room though and I know bettas lose their color in the dark cause they sleep, but he's been kinda pale all the time.

He'll swim up to my tank when I'm near but spends alot of time in the corner behind his IAL and little plastic plant or filter where no one can see him and I'm worried.

On the other hand his brother Raphael, my Crowntail is doing fine with no film in his tank at all! If its there its very minute and there are bubble nests all over.

I dont get it, Raph has the 1.5 filtered tank and hes thriving and very happy but Leo seems listless... and that film just keeps getting worse...
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It may be excess protein.. common and won't harm. It can get too thick and make breathing difficult, so when you see it starting to build up just wipe it out with a clean paper towel.

How often does he get his water changes, and what temp is the tank? Some bettas can tolerate some circumstances better than others.. so what conditions one fish is fine in, another won't be so fine.
Can they see each other? You'd be surprised how social these fish can be and when they don't see another fish or a person for a long time they can become "depressed" and listless.. if they are separate then I would move their tanks next to one another and let them see each other while you are away. See if that helps perk him up some.
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I've only had him about a week and he's already had a partial water change.

I had Leo and Raph's tanks next to eachother before and I thought it might not be a good idea since they flared--well, raph flared alot.

And the temperature in both tanks:
Leo's: 80-82 degrees 2.5 gal 3/4 IAL a little salt from a week ago, none in the partial water change he had so there's probably not much left.
Raph's: 76-78 degrees 1.5 gal 1/4 IAL a little salt from a week ago, hasn't had a partial change yet since I'm looking to get a turkey/chicken baster to help because my siphon tubes are too big for the 1.5 tank

Leo - Picky but he eats the hikari micro semi floater pellets, tends to ignore the food for a minute before actually eating it and never eats it all.
Raph - Hikari Bio Gold or whatever I give him; eats like a piggy the minute he spots the food
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Old 04-24-2013, 07:12 AM   #4 
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I would increase the lighting for your fish. Fish can be very inactive without adequate light. Any light will do a household lamp near the tank will work or if you got to a hardware store they have clamp lights for $6-10.Do a more complete water change. Since you have just recently set up your tank there could be something that was on the gravel or tank decorations that is filming up your water and affecting your fish. Be sure to take your time reaclimmating your fish (drip acclimate) and see if he becomes more responsive. I've had film on the water before and it took a couple of water changes to get rid of it. My fish was definitely less active with the film on the water.

If that does not help.
I've been doing alot of reading to educate myself for my own fish. I saw something one of the sites which I have not been able to find to link for you that mentions internal parsites as a possibility. There was mention of slime in the tank and the fish being pale. I am not an expert so here is a site that has an extensive list of illnesses and treatment (found it thanks to a member). They also have a phone number you can call to try to get help with diagnosis. They specialize in pond fish but some of their cures mention aquariums so I imagine they could have suggestions for your fish too.
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