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Actually I believe they were bred before back in Thailand, Rowan is a pro at it, Velvet had some hard time starting but got the hang of it no problem after some time.

I didn't want to say this here because apparently every time I post something it always goes the opposite but I did find some eggs in there!! There's still a chance! I'd be happy with a small spawn to start as well!

For Bettas, the light isn't necessary.
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:)!!! Yes! Very exciting! Btw, I just got some awesome shots of my hm girl! I would love to share the pictures with you guys some time ;)
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And no eggs this morning, not even a nest, at least yesterday he was still tending to a nest!

So I'm going to recondition both of them and try again. If he doesn't work out then Lucillia picked up a real cutie butterfly male VT, he has more irid on him than I'd like but I think it's something I could eventually breed out given time and the right partners. Ideally though, I just wish Sam wanted to breed :-/ he loves to show off but just doesn't want to make that nest regardless of the situation! We've had thunder storms up here as well since I've had him where Trapper went crazy with the nest building but Sam didn't want anything to do with it >.>

Maybe I should just stick to my Sparklers since at least I know I can keep the babies alive
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Old 12-16-2014, 09:08 PM   #2994 
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Two more hours in the dentist chair today and got four more cavities filled, geez I have a lot of cavities; I can see them on the x-rays though so it's not like I have a rampant dentist lol. BUT I"M GETTING MY TOOTH BACK ON THURSDAY!!!!
For those of you who might not have seen it before, I had a tooth extracted back in February because it broke, I had to get a tooth implant and it's a long process but worth it. I got the post in and got the molding done and finally my tooth came in so we're putting it in on Thursday So excited!!!

I was also by my wonderful LFS so I stopped in and bought two more female guppies who are loosely based off Snakeskin, I should have bought real snakeskin girls since I do want to continue with the Lyretail Snakeskins but I need to work back up to the nice snakeskin pattern while keeping the tail balanced, it's hard! So I'm keeping them separate for now to get rid of the babies they have now so I can potentially breed them to my LTSS boys if by that point I don't have real SS girls.

Reconditioning is going well with Rowan and Velvet. I forgot to flare today with all the stuff I was doing out (had my art history exam this morning which I aced, had to do laundry when I got home and then went out for dentist, went to wal-mart to try to find more gifts, found Rooibos tea, and then went to a massage by my cousin who is a trained Masseuse and now I'm home) but they're eating well.

For a few days after I took Rowan out, she was lethargic and I was really worried she was too stressed out but she's eating well now after decimating a white worm lol
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Old 12-18-2014, 09:10 AM   #2995 
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Okay, I think I love this forum too much I'm immensley saddened and disappointed at all the stupid fighting that's been happening this past week.

I get it, it's the Holiday's, we're all a little excited or on edge but it's no cause to put that energy towards negativity. For anyone who may be reading this, take a deep breath and take a step back for a little bit and just notice how beautiful this forum is; how much good information is on here and how many good people there are; don't ruin it with petty fighting. Please.

Some pictures I took yesterday

Even though it's dark, I still love the composition of this photo

The whole 10 gallon for breeding. I added tannins this morning

Rowan is doing well, healing very well, still has a chunk out of her caudal there but I'm not worried about it, it's healing, just slowly.


I wish he'd breed

Well, I can successfully say that whenever I'm down, this little tyke cheers me right up with his insistent swimming and begging for food. He's now not afraid of my hand/fingers and will come up instantly for food from the tweezers or just pellets. So proud of him!

My finger for size comparison, he's still relatively small

I love when he darkens up like this

4 gallon at the moment, not too much growth but I don't expect any for at least another two-three weeks

I forgot to pull the light forward so these are rather dark, sorry about that
Sparkler baby getting big!

This boy is the biggest by far

I'll retake these photos later when I have time to get lighter pictures but here are the two new guppy girls. This one is the biggest

Big girl in back and little in front

Big girl

Jaguar has ceased his biting thankfully.

And here's where I remembered to pull the light forward to get better pics. Looks like his irid is bleeding into his fins there


This boy is the cutest little one ever! He's changing some, his white head is starting to slowly go away and a nice light blue is taking over. I do believe I will keep him (still a chance I might not) and put him in the 45 when it's set up since mom likes blue fish, she'll like him. He's also nice and docile so he won't hurt other fish

Showing off his marbled face

You can see the white going away here

His tank has done a lot of growing! The Starugyne repens are hitting the top! The Pogostomen is still recovering but again, the tops are still green so once they grow a little more I'll cut the bottoms and plant the tops and they should take off once I do that.

I did it again....picture isn't in focus >.< sorry, but you get the idea. It's the 20

And the 29 at feeding time, nothing spectacular going on here.

My sweet little Calico, she's doing well

She was totally posing for me

A newer female Ember, she still hasn't fully colored up yet but she's going well!

Two little cories munching on Mysis shrimp

My cories get so fat that they can't even balance on both fins...they lean to the side on one fin because they're too fat.....

Kubotia is also very fat too, I do have a snail graveyard now lol

Face full of Mysis

Red Root floaters are doing amazing now that I've taken out some dwarf water lettuce to help them grow haha

Topside, the ones directly under the light are super red



Dominant female, she's so cute here

Here she is again

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