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Originally Posted by Viva View Post
Wow those are some gorgeous rabbits Asira. Are they Angoras?
No, they are what we call them in the Netherlands 'Teddy dwerg', could be 'Teddy dwarf'? Angoras have waaaayyy more fur and are way bigger.
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Here are my pets! First off....I own a very stubborn and high maintence cat named Ratchet. We rescued her from the SPCA about 12 years ago.

Here is my pony, Dudley :) He is a 14hh Arabian/Welsh gelding. His show name is Twisted. This is us at our latest show!

And last but not least, my bettas! This is Fiji. A 7 month old halfmoon.

This is Cal a 3 1/2 month old veiltail. He is leaving on Tuesday to go live with my good friend/math tutor.

And lastly, this is Tsnuami a super delta! He is of unknown age. A pet store rescue!

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accidentally posted twice, sorry! actual pictures are below.

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Here's a lump of pictures of a few of my pets. Can't remember which ones I've posted here already, so I'll just toss in as many as I can find, hehe.
Sorry for the big pictures, I wasn't able to resize most of them.

My cats:




MJ (I don't have many pictures of her or Snipe and they're not too good, so I'm sorry you can't really see their faces cx)








Nagaina (doesn't really show anything but her back, she's not exactly fond of me hehe)





One of the hermit crabs when we first got them. I can't remember which one is in the picture - maybe Broseph?

Not even going to go into fish here, there's too many of them. I think I also have some pictures of my horse and rat somewhere, too - I'll have to dig around.
Sorry for the really long photospam! hehe
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I am the proud owner of:
2 female dogs
2 male cats
8 female Bettas
3 male Bettas
5 Albino Corydora Catfish
4 Otocinclus Catfish
2 grown golden Mystery Snails and their children

Not even going to get into the fish besides my boys XD


Daisy; Mutt, believed to be German Sheppard/Whippet/Hound

Holly; British Golden Retriever


August; No clue

Norman; American Shorthair

Male Bettas:

Pigg; Double Tail Halfmoon

Atlas; Delta

Boreas; Halfmoon
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Originally Posted by Asira View Post
No, they are what we call them in the Netherlands 'Teddy dwerg', could be 'Teddy dwarf'? Angoras have waaaayyy more fur and are way bigger.

Ahh I see. We have a couple English Angoras at my work and they're the only fluffy bunny breed I know of lol. Never heard of a Teddy dwerg/dwarf before. They are soooo cute!!!! I have a Lionhead rabbit, she's a little cutie!
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Name:  Pepe July 13.jpg
Views: 99
Size:  5.7 KB

Name:  babalou2.jpg
Views: 101
Size:  7.2 KB

Name:  Lola Dec. 2010 040.jpg
Views: 98
Size:  62.9 KB

Here's Pepe, BabaLou and Lola Pug (Hug)

I am new to the site. I am really digging everyone's pics! Thx
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Lol I'm not the only with a zoo!

4 Horses
1 Cat
1 Leopard Gecko
2 Dogs
and 1 Betta fishy.

This is Sundanz he just turned 30 on the 3rd. He is Reg. Arabian, and Ex stallion.

This is Sundanz's buddy Stripe he is 28 Quarter Horse. He thinks he is tiny but he isn't he is rather big. At least compared to Sundanz.

This is Coso our Princess and first horse. She is about 18 she is a Peruvian Paso. She is the sweetest thing, but sadly was abused before we got her. She at this point in her life can't been ridden anymore. It ticks her off to no end.

This is Khemo, Coso's white knight about 17 and is an Arabian. This guy is wonderful but very picky about his people. We bought him because his past owner(A man in his 80's) needed to sell him and this horse is finicky about people. It took him 5+ years to warm up to my mom. We have only owned him for a few years but have known him for about 10.

This is Boots our cat, thankfully he isn't one of those cats who thinks fish in tanks and bowls are for eating. I am not really sure how old he around 10.

This is my Leopard Gecko Mindy, I wanted a snake at the time so my more compromised turns out she better then one. She has an amazing personality and even her vet commented she has personality compared to most LG he sees.

This is Bubble who is 7 year old Wire Hair Dachshund/Lhasa Apso Cross.

This is a baby picture of my Lhasa Apso Momo, he is 2 now but I don't seem to have any grown up photos of him on my laptop. x_x He is my baby, and darling though a bit stubborn at times I think mainly because he is so smart.
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