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Old 07-25-2015, 11:33 PM   #1281 
Reference Team
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Thanks Elleth. My Betta coccina are my favourite species in my fish room. Both this male and his son get a real green sheen to their sides that unfortunately the camera hasn't caught here.
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Old 07-27-2015, 06:45 AM   #1282 
Reference Team
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Today mum took the car to get a service. There's a fish store near the dealership, and as I needed some live blackworms I suggested we drop by on the way home.

I got my blackworms, some very healthy looking water sprite.... and also this feisty marble plakat male.

As I hadn't been expecting to purchase a new fish, I had to quickly throw a tank together. He's on the bottom shelf of my main rack next to Atlas.

He is smaller than the photo shows. Unfortunately, this was the best photo I could manage. He kept tucking his ventrals up and persisted in racing around the tank. He certainly is quite a confident fish, as he was eating and flaring within minutes of being released into the tank.

He's actually my mum's fish as she liked him, and paid for him. However, as I don't like the style of names she chooses, I decided on 'Maverick' as it was the first word that sprung to mind when I looked at him.

Maverick is the first Betta splendens I've had since I got Atlas in the middle of last year.

Otherwise not much else to report. I added some of the newly purchased watersprite to my Betta rutilans, and Betta persephone tanks and hopefully it does well. I really want to turn my Betta persephone tank into a jungle to give the fry the best chance of survival. One of my Betta persephone pairs was flirting earlier in the evening, so I threw in some blackworms to see if I can't coax a spawn from them in the next day or so. I have a few fry floating around in there of various sizes, but if the gender ratio ends up as skewed as it has been previously, I will need a large group to provide me with an adequate number of females.
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Old 07-27-2015, 01:16 PM   #1283 
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Wow, he's beautiful for a pet store betta :o There always seems to be those diamonds hiding among all the cups huh?
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Old 07-27-2015, 05:53 PM   #1284 
Reference Team
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This store didn't use cups or small containers, which was nice. They had a small barracks set-up, and all of the fish looked very healthy and active. There was also a sign indicating that Betta splendens were tropical fish and required warm water, and also that they needed a minimum tank size of 9L (or just over two gallons).

He's not the best form wise. But his colour is very striking and he has an attitude to match my current plakat male.

This is a photo I took just before.

This is Maverick's tank on the right, and Atlas's tank on the left.

Then this is one half of my Betta persephone tank with the new watersprite. There's still a lot of empty space on the bottom of the tank, which is why I would like to get some more java moss or even subwassertang.

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Old 07-27-2015, 10:19 PM   #1285 
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What a cutie! And that's awesome that the store had that information posted about them. All the LPS near me are worse than the closest Petco. Which... Is saying something. :/
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Old 07-28-2015, 03:11 AM   #1286 
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There's less than a handful of fish stores, which don't make me wince when I see how they display their bettas. I not only hate seeing them wasting away in dirty cups, but I also hate seeing them put into sales tanks with wildly inappropriate tank mates. You go in, and there's some chewed up long-finned male being harassed by a tank full of tetras as well as being buffeted around by the filter current.

I was just feeding everyone, and decided to take some photos. I've been struggling to decide between which Betta sp. api api pairs (especially the females) to sell, but I think I've made up my mind.

The female below is the one I think I will be keeping. She looks the most like my previous female (just shorter in the body), and is the most personable. I thought she was going to explode with the number of white worms she managed to fit in.

I'm hoping once I sell my other two pairs of Betta sp. api api, and can move her into a heavily planted tank, she will show more colour. Their present tank is very open, and as a result she only shows her full colour during courtship. I also want to kick all the young fish out into a single tank as they are getting to a size now where they are starting to become more aggressive.

This was the female I was almost going to keep. She's nice, but she's not as friendly and I prefer friendly fish as it's easier to keep track of their health.

Then this is my Betta brownorum male eyeing off some blackworms. I swear I never see this fish unless he is eating. Otherwise he just stays in his film canister tending to spawn after spawn.

My Betta persephone seem to like their new plants, and the fact I added some rooibos last night. This is what the whole tank looks like now. Definitely needs more plants, but both pairs are happy enough.

This male isn't one I've bred. He came from overseas and then was owned by a hobbyist in QLD, before coming to me.

These two are fish I bred. The one on the left is my F2 male. He is a beautiful fish, but he has problems with his swim bladder and can't swim properly so obviously not a breeding candidate. The one chasing him, is his father. He is three-years-old, and very stocky. He chooses not to pose for photos although I almost got him tonight with the camera.

I picked up an API pH test kit earlier today. I was curious about whether the sand in my blue eyes tank was going to drastically raise the pH. The pH in the tank seems to be around 6.8, which is lower than the tap water (7.6 was the closest match on the chart), but higher than the pH in my wild betta tanks. So I will be keeping close eyes on the pH level to make sure it doesn't come up too high. I've never used this sand before so don't want to harm my fish.

Having tested my tap water, I can see why my previous bettas must have had issues when I was doing 100% water changes. My tap water has almost no carbonate hardness, and drops very rapidly down to 6.0, which is as low as the test kit will read. It could potentially be lower, and likely is, based on the species I have breeding in my tanks. Undoubtedly, going from 7.6 down to 6.0, and then back to 7.6 when I changed the water out must have been incredibly stressful.

I do wish this weather would warm up though! I really want to get my spotted blue eyes and plants, but overnight temperatures seem to be hovering around 5-7 degrees Celsius.
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Today I realised we hardly have any nice photos of the dogs, so since it was such beautiful weather, me and mum headed out to the fenced oval near our house with the dogs and the camera.

We got some good photos, and some terrible photos. Clio has no withers at the moment and runs on the forehand with her head down, so it doesn't make for particularly flattering photos.

First up we have my girl Nike. Looking at her movement it's hard to believe she has such terrible hips. This is why I scoff at BYB who say their dogs have not been x-rayed but have never shown any problems with their hips. Sometimes the dogs with the worst hips can look completely sound.

Then this is our oldest girl Eos. The dog in the background of the jumping shot is Ares.

Then finally this is Clio and me. You can see she looks all kinds of awkward at the moment. Especially when she puts her head down. Then she starts shuffling along like some sort of hunchback. Ignore me. I think this is the first time I have been in a photo since graduating high school, and that was years and years ago.

I also have a few fish photos to share as well.

I am sad this photo did not turn out better as it would have been great. This is my Betta persephone male showing off to the female.

Then this is one of my Betta burdigala fry. It's one of the biggest I've seen so far.

Last but not least, this is one of my F1 Betta sp. api api males.

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