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Originally Posted by lilnaugrim View Post
Actually, as I was just saying to someone else, Betta's come from highly vegetated areas and their bodies are made for slipping in and out of plants very efficiently (of course long fins are selectively bred by humans and wouldn't survive in the wild because they're slow but all the same) so having more plants in the tank (silk or live, NEVER plastic) will result in a happier and more confident Betta. What happens is that he has so many plants he can hide in that he knows if he's threatened; he can hide at any time and any point so he thus becomes more confident and will be out and about more often. So stuff those tanks with plants and you'll have a happy Betta fish!
That is a good point. ;; I should have clarified; by decorations i meant more of like.. solid.. fish tank decorations, ie: things that are more for our viewing than the benefit of the fish
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Originally Posted by LaRougeRaven View Post
Is that the Mask from THE MASK?!
Yes, kind of! It was at Petco and I bought it specifically for that reason!
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My betta Vlad in his 5 gallon I rearranged yesterday
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Originally Posted by PixieDee View Post
Yes, kind of! It was at Petco and I bought it specifically for that reason!
That's too awesome.
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Originally Posted by serartic View Post
There is a whole thread dedicated to betta owners who keep their bettas in 1 -2 gallons, you should check it out, despite the small space, some of these betta owners really put alot of effort into it and made it amazing.
In my opinion, I don't think that bowl is a gallon, i could be wrong, However, if you are struggling budget wise.. What about the kritter keeper? One of those plastic tanks with colored plastic lids at the top? I know alot of people here use that as homes for their bettas, and the larger ones are also fairly inexpensive. Please do keep in mind though.. a heater and filtration system are pretty necessary for a healthy betta. As long as the water temperature is around 72-80 degrees, it will be okay and you can go without a heater, but any colder may result in a couch potato betta with a slow system. As for the filtration system, if you opt out for the filter, youll have to put in more work and do daily water changes to make sure the water is ideal for your betta: making sure amonia levels aren't too high.
and lastly; decorations, Its highly advised that there is enough decorations to give hiding places for your betta, but also not too much where the betta will struggle to have room to swim.
It is a gallon, I had the guy at the store check since I had read a little about them before I bought Simba. I'm buying his heater in about two weeks. His filter won't be about to be bought until maybe a month. I have been making sure his food pellets don't get soggy or spend too much time inside his bowl and I got drops so that his ammonia levels aren't too high. For his hiding places I got 3 small plants and a small tiki. For now he seems pretty happy, he's swimming around, exploring his bowl. However, he's only eating about 4 pellets per day. I read that it may be the change of environment so I'm hoping his hiding places come soon so he can feel more at home and at ease.
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Hey everyone I'm pretty new here as a member, been reading a few of the threads for info, just thought I'd contribute to the betta homes page!

This is my Betta Bastion's home 5.5 Gal

This is Spyro's home, it's not much now but he will be getting upgraded to a 5 gal once its donated to me :)
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This is Edmond's home-in-progress. I just got some new plants for the tank today, and I'm deciding what plants I want to buy to fill in the back corners of the tank. I'm also thinking I'll move the anubias into the back center of the tank, and move the crypts to the corner where the anubias is now. Other than that, I haven't decided much. :)
Attached Images
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Edmund is a stunner!
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