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Exactly, tolak.
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We have to crate and rotate our dogs because our two females will fight if they are together.

What I hate are 'outside' dogs that are just left in their yards day in and day out without any walks or human interaction. I see it with the dog that lives behind us. He is so desperate for some sort of companionship he has gotten into our yard at least a handful of times to play with our dogs.

Ugh, I'm really hating Melbourne weather at the moment. I want to order some spotted blue eyes from interstate. However, the seller is recommending a minimum of twelve degrees overnight to have them safely shipped, as they don't use heat packs because of the weather where they are located.

However, Melbourne has really cold overnight temperatures even during the warmer months, and so far, all the warm overnight weather has been over the weekend!

There's only one day next week where the overnight temperature will be high enough for my fish to be safely shipped, so now I think I'm going to have to postpone their delivery. I've had this tank sitting empty for ages now and it's so frustrating.
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Crappy birthday right from the start. It took one person to stuff up my whole day and make me miserable. Basically, I've been doing my mothers work on my PC just to be nice and not once did I ever ask to be paid. And I've been doing this work for three years and my dad once in awhile gives me something because I have absolutely nothing. Now today, on the one day that's supposed to be "special" she demands why she should pay me when I didn't pay her for changing my nappies. I've told her straight out many times that it's MY pc and she has no right telling me what to do. I didn't ask to be brought into the world and I didn't ask to be alive. She's made my life a living hell so I figure I don't owe her a thing.
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My brother got into a car accident. I called him he took his eyes off the road to answer the phone and then just silence. Now I'm scared x.x
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