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Originally Posted by rubbie5837 View Post
I was having a great day, until my son got home and noticed that his other female guppy wasn't eating. I took a look at her and she has a very significant prolapse and I am going to have to euthinize her. If she was acting fine and eating, I would leave her alone, but she is obviously stressed and suffering. It sucks because she was my son's first guppy, and he just lost his favorite girl last Friday. So you can imagine how that feels. I explained to him as best as I could that she is hurting and it's the kindest thing to do for her. He wanted to be involved with the process so I have to find out what dosage of clove oil to give her. It's so sad. Also, my stupid landlord put down sticky traps everywhere without letting me know and wisp found one and got completely stuck to it. The more I struggled to free her, the more she wiggled and got stuck even worse. It's the first time (and hopefully the last time) I heard a ferret scream. And take my word for it, it would rupture your ear drums.
Protip: Mineral oil will completely dissolve the sticky stuff and it safe for humans/animals.
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Yeah, I ended up shaving her. I tried the oil tricks, but i had to cut some of her hair anyways to try and free her, so I just shaved it. I took up all of the traps so it would never happen again.
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Man, I feel like I'm running around in circles. I have been working all week or sorting and such, now packing up everything that isn't used on a daily basis, but it looks like I haven't gotten anywhere. I've gone through every room except for my son's, and was tackling that job today. Just took 4 bags of toys to goodwill. Then I had to think about if I've even eaten today? Or yesterday? I think I had a couple of chips??? I don't even know. All I do know is that I'm exhausted and ready for one last night in my bed before it's picked up tomorrow. Wait! Damn! Today was wc day and I haven't even done those yet! Screw it. I have to start fasting them anyway tomorrow, then bag them and get everyone ready to load up and move out. I've got mountains of laundry to do tomorrow and not looking forward to fighting with my washer. I wish I could snap my fingers and magically get everything done. Also, have to finish my son's room, go through all clothes and such and get rid of what either of us can't fit into anymore. Then, I've got to get my van cleaned out and loaded up. Way too much to do and not enough time or energy to get it done. We are hauling tail Thursday morning, just because I'm cheap and don't want to pay weekend prices for a motel room that night. Oh, and to top it all off, it's supposed to be raining all week until next Monday. I hate driving in the rain, but I can't put everything off another week. Sorry for the rambling. Just needed to vent.
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UGH That part of moving sucks eggs. I wish I was closer so I could drop by and help with something. I've always wondered how to move fish. What are you having to do?
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Bamneko--Which Breyers are they? I can tell you some of the the older ones are worth hundreds....some close to a thousand. I have been collecting since 1968 so have a collection of literally 500 plus models. Many of them are stored because of lack of space. Give me the names and I can check them out for you. I need to locate my manuals but am sure I can give you a ballpark figure. Shoot me PM with the names. And don't let anyone tell you these are toys. At $40 to $50 or more a pop currently, they are far from being a kid's toy. You are right about not taking them out of the box. You could, but you would need to save the boxes, and display them in cabinets or shelves so they do not get damaged.

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