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Old 12-14-2014, 02:47 PM   #1061 
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I'm Australian. I'm assuming South East PA is in America, so it would not effect you at all unless you also live in Oz.
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Aqua Aurora
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Ah didn't realize where you were k. And yes Pa in in the states. I'd heard of an act being drafted to try to past in West Virginia (also in US) in the summer that would ban a lot of common fish like live bearers pretty much every catfish, and most if not all tetra (even ones that are easily home/farm bred not wild caught)... Never heard more about it so hoping it just fell apart. I understand trying to protect from wild harvesting fish and limiting pets being released but some of the stuff on the list was a bit redicolous.
I've heard Australia has insanely strick laws limiting a lot of aquatic species. Even some people talking about (don't know if just rumors) "the government" breaking into thier homes and pouring chemicals in thier tanks to kill an illegal species (and everything else)... Hoping that was just some urban myth sort of thing.

Will the law not allow you to keep what you have or to sell/gift offspring you e bred? Or just a "no longer importing ______" law.

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Old 12-14-2014, 07:16 PM   #1063 
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Nope those are not urban myths. I know of several instances where this was the case. This is why I would not risk purchasing an illegally imported fish or plant. It's AQIS I believe who comes around and will poison tanks to kill basically everything.

No it won't impact Australian bred stock. It's just that the batch testing required will mean that individual imports of these species most likely won't be financially viable. I am not sure as to the numbers they kill and test per shipment, but I imagine only wholesalers will be able to bear the cost of having a percentage of their shipment tested.

They were trying to pass something similar through a while back that was related to the iridovirus but that got quashed. So now this law is coming into effect. I am hoping they haven't got everything together for it to be instated in March. A couple extra months to still be able to import my wilds would be good.
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Old 12-15-2014, 11:49 PM   #1064 
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Was chased out of my 'fish room' by my mother while I was trying to take photos because she's taken it over as a study while hers is being renovated downstairs. So photos will come later.

Still no more killifish fry other than the seven I have. However, these seven seem to be thriving and are already showing their boisterous killifish nature. I found some tiny mosquito larvae in one of my outside containers, and they very eagerly hunted it down.

I moved my hendra group into their hospital tank and am just about to start their treatment with the Cupramine. My miniopinna/sp. apiapi look unhappy but are not reacting adversely to the medication, so I'm hoping that the previous disaster was truly just a mistake on my part. Hopefully I can get this group back to their previous good health.

I'm impatiently waiting for my new 200 watt heater and pH pen as I want to get these before I set-up my water aging tub again. I'm hoping it arrives tomorrow as my brownorum are showing a reluctance to spawn and I am using a substrate that supposedly buffers the pH to 6.5 so I am wondering if this is why. I also am curious as to what the pH is in my breeding tanks.

I got my BBS hatchery running for tomorrow. I don't feed my fry every day. In between my feeds they pick at whatever infusoria etc. is in the tank.

I also asked my mum about the possibility of getting rid of my sideboard and putting a third rack in my bedroom as a temporary measure until I get my rack downstairs. I have simply run out of space and there are still more wilds I want to get. Surprisingly she actually agreed.

This is the brand I'm going to be getting. I'm using it now, and I know other hobbyists who use the same thing in their fish room so I know how it copes with holding my tanks.

I want 1800mm high x 600mm wide x 1200mm across. That way I could fit three or four shelves on and get three or four tanks on per shelf.

I also want to set-up a grow-out for some of my wild betta fry on a completely separate 'system' from the main tanks. The way I run my tanks now, if something happens to the main tank I can lose not only my breeding pair, but also their fry. That is how I lose how species/lines of fish.

I'm thinking of a shallow plastic tub to act as a bain-marie, and using either plastic containers or small (and cheap) tanks as the actual grow-outs. I'm going to have it so that I can do automatic top-offs on each tank with aged water, and each tank will have its own permanently attached siphon (probably DIYed from sprinkler parts) so I don't risk contamination. Having the third rack will really allow me to do this.

My big project now is to disinfect the huge amount of buckets, plastic tubing, heaters, and sponge filters I have that have come into contact with velvet infected tanks. I was thinking very hot water and white vinegar, a good rinse, and then left out in the sun for a couple of days until completely dry. It's going to take me forever, but I can't afford to just throw it all away.
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Old 12-17-2014, 05:00 PM   #1065 
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Had something potentially bad happen yesterday morning.

I came into my fish room and found a fish flopping about on the carpet. I had no idea what tank it had come from, but if it was one of my healthy wilds I didn't want to put it in one of my infected tanks. So I did the only thing I could think of, and put it into one of my killifish fry containers.

Unfortunately, it turns out it was one of the sick Betta hendra. So he went back into the hospital tank ASAP, and I put some medication straight into the container. I'm hoping the fry don't get velvet as it was the container with my four largest.

I did however, start treatment on my Betta hendra group yesterday. They seem to be tolerating the first dose of Cupramine fine, and the second dose is due tomorrow. My group of sp. apiapi/miniopinna also still look fine, and had a meal of BBS and grindals yesterday afternoon.

I am pretty sure my pair of Betta brownorum are spawning. I had a look in the film canister this morning and they were both in there, after showing promising signs yesterday. This will be their first spawn since they were treated for velvet, so we will see what comes of it.

My digital pH pen and 200 watt heater came yesterday. I just need to purchase some distilled water for my pH pen so I can calibrate it correctly.

These are several of the best photos I took the other day. My coccina male is absolutely stunning but he is always guarding eggs or fry so I never get a decent photo of him.

This is his plump partner.

Then this is my Betta rutilans female. Her pectoral fin has still never grown back so she has a rather lopsided swimming style.

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Well I've done nothing thus far fish wise.

Instead today I got my eyebrows and upper lip waxed. My eyebrows have been waxed exactly once before, and I have been too afraid to pluck them without some sort of basic shape to use as a guideline, so they were looking pretty untidy. However, I didn't want to have them waxed too thin, as I don't want to be drawing my eyebrows on. Luckily the lady who did them liked thick brows, and she just neatened mine up.

Sadly while my eyebrows look good, my skin is terrible. It's dry, it's sore, and it's covered in this humongous hormonal acne on my lower cheeks, chin and jaw. I'm not kidding, I think the pimple on my chin is now large enough to qualify for its own postcode. I really have to go to a doctor or dermatologist and get my skin sorted out. I'm 25 and I've got worse skin now than I did when I was going through puberty. People suffering from something like cystic acne, probably would think I am being precious, but I'm starting to get quite a bit of scarring on my cheeks, not to mention it's very painful when I get these huge blind pimples forming that take days to come to a head. I won't go anywhere outside my house without make-up on nowadays. I'm so envious of people with clear skin. I see people who absolutely cake on their make-up, eat unhealthily, and go around with greasy hair and their skin is still great. I try to eat healthy, keep my make-up to a minimum (I just use a Body Shop BB cream and mineral powder), and do things like keep my hair out of my face and wash my pillows regularly. I even cut out like 90% of the dairy I was eating because I heard that can cause skin issues. Yet without fail, once or twice a month, I have these huge break-outs that barely have time to heal before the next one begins.

I'm very average looks wise to begin with, so it's even worse with my terrible skin. This is what I feel like most days.

It's just so very annoying. Plus if you thought the conflicting information on fish keeping was bad enough, try looking at anything regarding treating/preventing acne. You get things like "This face wash cleared up my skin and now it's so dewy and soft I've become an internationally acclaimed model", and then directly below that, you get comments like, "This product burned all my skin off and now I am in the ICU with my acne worse than before".

I'm also annoyed with our house. My mum was pregnant with me when my parents moved here. Looking back, they both agree they should have just demolished the house and built a new one. This house has never been finished the entire time I've lived in it. We finally thought it would be finished when my younger brother and his boss came down to do an extension joining our lounge, rumpus, and study. We were going to do all the bathrooms up, do the kitchen, give the house a paint inside and out, and get new flooring laid. Unfortunately, my brother and his boss did one of the worst jobs I have seen. Then they nicked off and we were left with this extension that had cost my mum quite a lot of money, but that basically had to be completely redone.

So our renovations have been on hold for probably two years now, and our house looks even worse than before. My older brother recently came back to Melbourne, and was planning on coming over and getting things fixed up. However, after less than a week of working here, he had a meltdown triggered by a crooked door jamb (I don't think there is a single straight edge in this build) and told mum he wasn't coming back. So now we are still in renovation limbo.

It's just crappy because I try and keep the house as clean as I can, but when the house is as tired and in need of TLC as ours is, there really isn't any point. As visitors just walk in, see the condition of our carpets and most likely walk out thinking we are a bunch of pigs.

So this is my moan for the week. It's probably first world problems to some, but this is my journal and I'll whinge if I want to.
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Have you tried the MooGoo Acne cleansing cream? It's all-natural and bleach-free. I bought some for my sister in law after she had her son; she's always had acne. She said it works really well. Just a thought
I understand the skin embarrassment. I never had acne, but I have quite bad eczema all over my arms and legs. My thighs are covered in dry scabs, and my arms are so blotchy.

I understand the house thing, too. The hardwood floors always look dirty, even when just mopped, because they haven't been replaced in forty years. We had several large mold spots in winter because the house was so damp. There are cracks everywhere, and the taps all leak. I feel no pride in my home.
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I think I saw someone mention that brand and on Makeup Alley which seems to be pretty harsh in its reviews, it did get a good rating. I suppose it couldn't hurt to try. I mean it's not like my skin can get much worse at this point.

My skin is super sensitive. It never used to be, but a lot of skin care products and make-up irritate it. At the moment, the only make-up I seem to be able to tolerate is the Body Shop stuff. I used to wear this Garnier BB cream but I had to stop because the whole time my skin just felt like it was burning. I couldn't stand it for more than a couple of hours.

Eczema is terrible. I get contact dermatitis on my hands from working at Subway in the past and doing dishes all day without wearing gloves and that is bad enough when it flares up. We used to have a girl at my primary school and she had eczema just everywhere on her body. Her skin was always weeping and sore.

Our carpet is getting ripped up after Christmas. It stinks of cat urine no matter how often we steam clean it. I swear nothing gets rid of that smell. All it takes is one warm day and the whole house reeks. It's amazing how one 3.5kg Oriental could cause such a huge amount of damage. There are two very expensive (one is practically brand new) rugs downstairs that he has destroyed. We were looking at vinyl plank flooring because that is supposedly the best for cats that pee, but the one we want is fairly costly and they do look so fake compared to timber floors. My older brother suggested spotted gum floating flooring but I don't know how that will hold up with the dogs and the cats.

It would be so nice to just be able to click my fingers and have a fully finished house that isn't embarrassing to bring people back to.
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Wash your face before you go to bed and when you wake up. Wash it with body soap and then in the morning put lotion on your face as well. Hopefully this works for you.
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