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Join Date: Nov 2013
Dear flu or cold please just go away i dont nee ou right now k thanks rant over
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Join Date: Nov 2013
Oh and i despise this cold weather i really wish i was back in florida right now
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Location: North Ontario, Canada
oh gosh this thread makes me giggle sometimes. Which with a very congested chest is not a good thing right now. Anyways I'm probably another person who wont have kids. What's the point raising them to live in a dying world?

Have to do the littleboxes tonight, that's going to be fun. I wish the responsibilities for the animals were a little more shared in this house. Especially because I get nattered at for not doing other things on top of what I already do. I don't see her downstairs cleaning the litter boxes or doing water changes. Nope she sits and enjoys the animals, paying for their food and calling it good.
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Location: Gilbert, Az
Originally Posted by Greenapp1es View Post

I can't say I disagree, but LOL.

And that makes two of us!!!
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Join Date: Jan 2015
Location: Virginia
Ima rant about myself and Ima hurt my own feelings but its okay cause it's me and I deserve it completely(how many people will agree)

I dislike that I want things done, just as badly as other things as well. I make $6.20 +tips(if I get any) and it all debates on how many hours I get(as we don't have a set schedule) so I try to ask for as many hours as possible because of my fish and my guinea pigs are my responsibility. I do my best for them(as my head says I do) with paychecks a little over $50 every week. I also have to pay back $35 to billmelater because I got a new laptop and $63 to the federal loan people because I dropped out of college. I know a lot of people have it rough but I do too, more then the rest of my family to be fair, I'm threaten to be kicked out every month(as a punishment I was actually thrown outside by my dad and wondered the neighborhood for 3 hours before I was picked up by my mom had no cash or anything). But its like, I'm tired of people slapping me with 'oh that's an excuse cause of whatever is worse in your life' just because I live at home doesn't mean I live in luxury. My parents don't know about the new bowls I bought or even about Sprinkles and Pineapple Flavored Marshmallows. I just wish I can have people just back off me and let me do what I want to do slowly. I can't do things within a day or two because I have other priorities in my life that do overcome the importance of my fish and guinea pigs. Now people might use that against me and say 'well why have fish?' Well why not? Their pretty and I love them with all my heart. I mean you think you have issues? I have bad knees and a really bad back and I get yelled at by my manager when I complain that I'm in pain, she thinks I'm lying because she's 50+ and thinks that the average 20 year old should be fine. NO! I gave myself a really bad back injury in the 9th grade from club cheer leading. I was active in gymnastics growing up and did club cheerleading until my senior year when my asthma got the best of me and my back started preventing me from doing back handsprings because it hurt so much. All I'm trying to say is I'm tired really of people slapping me with everything I say being an excuse. Its getting annoying and to common on here for me.
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