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Old 10-26-2014, 12:03 PM   #19971 
Schmoo's Avatar
Join Date: Oct 2014
Location: Missouri
So, I know a girl. Let's just call her "Sam."

Sam is one of those girls who jumps every "privilege" bandwagon you can think of, and is one of the hugest hypocrites I know. About a month ago she was complaining about how she and her boyfriend couldn't move into a low-cost apartment complex because they made too much money. Her argument was, "They're poor, so they don't need nice things but *I* deserve a nice thing." Last week she was up-in-arms about the girl who cosplayed as Michonne from The Walking Dead and painted herself to match the character's skin tone. Just now, on FB, I saw a post from her complaining about how an article calls American Halloween stores out on making one-time sexy costumes out of various cultures.

She's such a hypocrite, and I just wanna slap her. Ugh.
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Old 10-26-2014, 12:06 PM   #19972 
FishyFishy89's Avatar
Join Date: Jul 2011
Location: Central FL
Mine keeps drinking out of my 75 gallon. I just did a water change the other day. Water level is always above the frame to have a seamless look. 24hrs later water level is 1" below the frame. My tank does not evaporate that much in 24hrs.
And I can't close the lids else he'll use the tank to get to the guinea pigs. Sigh
I'm mainly trying to discourage drinking from the tank in case I somehow get BGA. It's poisonous to pets and I'd like to prevent that.
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Old 10-26-2014, 06:23 PM   #19973 
Tress's Avatar
Join Date: Jun 2014
Location: North Ontario, Canada
I hate people who just toss wood everywhere despite the obvious piles of different sizes. Our friends dropped off some wood today, and the one guy thinks I'm just being anal about the piles so he purposely messes it up. He put huge chunks of wood on the TOP of the piles over our heads. Both me and mom are short, we don't have a whole lot of upper body strength. He also threw small wood on the big wood pile. The whole time he was pestering and poking fun at me and trying to get me to fight with him.

Soon as he left I cursed him out and went and repiled everything. He thinks it's funny but it's really challenging for us when winter hits, if the piles aren't right then we have to spend longer outside, trying to dig for the wood we need to fill our outdoor furnace. Worst thing is because they are helping us out and giving it to us free, I can't say anything.
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Old 10-28-2014, 10:37 PM   #19974 
Ilovebettasbk11's Avatar
Join Date: Nov 2013
So i take transportation today to work 8:30 to 9 am and i got to work at 11 am all cause she had to pick up and drop two peopld off in a far place man was i mad i lost 2 hours of paycheck today
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Old Yesterday, 05:26 AM   #19975 
Bluewind's Avatar
Join Date: Oct 2012
Location: In the hearts of all my friends and family
I have a lot of reading to catch up on. I'll do it when I have the time. For now, a quick rant...

Hurt my eye. Had to go to ER. Forced me to be offline for a few weeks.

Getting my left wisdom teeth taken out in a few hours. Can't sleep because of sore throat.

My entire family save my sister forgot my birthday. At least my fiance and 2 best friends remembered.

He took me to Red Lobster for my birthday. The waitress messed up our order down to the drinks, had to be flagged down for refills (which she had in her head should be tap water instead of Sprite and tea), and never gave us my free birthday desert. I'm usually forgiving, but it was slow, she had only two tables, and she had a nasty attitude towards us like she did NOT wanna be there. Total bust.

I got a coupon for a free birthday meal from another place (mongolian). We gave the chief our orders and I told him that I needed an allergy card on mine. He asked me my allergies and then said I was fine and gave me a regular card. It tasted a little bitter to me, but still good. I started coughing in there and trying to clear my thoat. The waitress was worried and tried to help. My throat was swelling shut by the time we got in the car. My fiance had to rush across the street to buy me a bottle of children's benidril which I started drinking like an energy shot. It was VERY hard to get down, but I finally forced it past the swelling, saving me an ER trip. The manager hit the ceiling. My thoat still hurts days later.

My iron is low even after taking iron. They found a fissure on my backside. There may be another in my colon. I have to have a colonoscopy on the 10th. The dietary restrictions until then suck. I may need surgery.

My dog Missy hurt her mouth and has to have minor surgery tomorrow to stop the bleeding and help it heal so she will eat. She wont now because it hurts her, but she is hungry poor baby.

My brother relapsed and is back on drugs.

My nephew got in a wreck (not his fault) at 55-60mph and was thrown. He has a really bad case of road rash. He was lucky, but he's hurting pretty bad.

My brother in law is having a tonsilectomy. Because of his age, the severity of the infection, and a dense tissue growth that has covered it, it will actually be a risky surgery and I'm worried sick.

My dad's best friend has to have major back surgery in a couple weeks. He will have to be opened up instead of minimal invasive because of how bad it is. He's a diabetic.

Dad twisted his ankle and was stung by bees (he's allergic).

I wanted a couple more kuhli loaches after finding out about my bleeding. Everyone knows how that is. They only had one black, but they had one they said was an Albino Kuhli Loach. I should have looked at it. I'm 99.9% sure it's not a kuhli. Started a tread to find out what kind of loach it is, if its social needs can be filled by my kuhli or it needs more of its own kind, and if it will be okay with the size and temp of my tank. I've gotten a few suggestions on what and none on care and social/environmential needs. I can't post a pic right now, but it's in my 25gal album on here if anyone wants to take a crack at it.
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Old Yesterday, 09:24 PM   #19976 
thekinetic's Avatar
Join Date: May 2012
Location: Springfield, Va
I'm sorry to hear all that Bluewind! *great big hug*

But to be honest I haven't been that well myself. Between my uncles dog Ziggy had to be put down and edging ever closer to my 32 birthday I just feel bad. The loneliness just has been getting to me to the point where I cry myself to sleep nightly.
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Old Yesterday, 09:26 PM   #19977 
cheekysquirrel's Avatar
Join Date: Jan 2014
Location: Perth, Australia
Here in Oz, it is Halloween. And my 25th birthday. I'm not feeling it. I feel like I don't have much to show for it.
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Reference Team
lilnaugrim's Avatar
Join Date: Mar 2013
Location: Rhode Island
So I'm trying to graduate College and I just talked with my department chair (my adviser is a very flighty man so I'm better off talking with ANYONE else but him) and he was looking at my classes briefly because I fill out a paper showing my required Gen-eds and then my required major classes (art) and then I put my electives in. So he was looking at the paper and there is a section that says "For BA Majors..." and so I thought I didn't have to fill it out since I'm a BFA (more required classes and work for BFA's, BA's generally have double majors or minors so they have less core work to allow for more time on other classes)

So anyway, it says I need 42 credits in 300 or 400 level classes. I can double count my classes here so my required 300 level Art class can also count in this section but as I've counted, I only have 9 of the 18 classes (if all classes are 3 credits) then required.

WTF, I swear to God, if I seriously have to stay another year to take 9 other 300 level classes I'm going to seriously cry! I'm praying as hard as I can that this is only for BA's and NOT BFAs since we already do more work!! AARRRGGGGG
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