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fell for it. have a few questions

I fell for one of the babies. I have a 5 gal set up with a ghost shrimp and netrite snail. Have had the lil one 5 days so far. It seems to be a double tail. Not sure if its a boy or girl yet.
1. How long do juvenile strips last?
I know stress stripes happen in females but can't find any info to tell me if males get stress stripes. Worried theyaybe stress stripes instead of juvenile stripes.
2. How do I tell if it's a boy or girl. I've looked at belly fins and am still can't tell.
3. Is a planted tank better for a betta?
Thank you for all advice and help.
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I think it is a boy. I don't see any egg spot. Also I think the pellets you gave it are too may want to crush them...
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Looks like a little boy. I've answered most basic questions here, take a look through;

1. Usually 2 months-ish, each fish is different; some rarely have them while others have them for a long time. Yes both males and females get stress stripes and baby stripes. Males can also show breeding stripes (the vertical ones) which are not indicative of breeding but of submission.
2. Looks like a boy.
3. Absolutely, if you have plants always use plants! Plants will help dilute the growth stunting hormone as well.

EDIT: egg spots are not indicative of male or female. Young males often have fake egg spots.
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baby betta, good luck guys:), petco, petco babies, petco baby betta

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