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Old 07-13-2013, 09:27 PM   #11 
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Location: Maine
Figured i would follow up.

after adding a few gallons, i had the water tested again and it tested perfect.

Thanks for all the help =D
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I'm glad you got your water problems straightened out.
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Basement Bettas
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Ammonia at .5 will kill fry. You may have to change water a few times a day to get it under control. Don't over feed, use snails if you have them. And water changes, even 90% can be handled by fry more than the ammonia. Hard to believe high ammonia without some nitrites showing, These should be zero as well.

And as stated.. do not bounce your ph around. Bettas can handle high and low ph just fine. You will find imports come from vastly different water conditions. Some have ph at 4, and another is 8. And both from Thailand. They will adapt to what they are raised in. Just keep it stable and clean. If you want higher ph add a little corral to the spawn tank. It will gradually raise the ph naturally.
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I do almost exactly what Myates does. You can devise a nice syphon by, getting a turkey baster, and angling the end that comes out so it runs along the bottom of the tank, using air tubing. That way, it runs along the bottom but doesn't touch or suck up the fry. Now, I'd say the cut is 90 degree but, I am old and can't remember my math. lol..However, it is triangle shaped and it runs right along the bottom and you can see in the turkey baster, if you accidentally pull up any fry (if you pull up from the bottom, by accident), before you pour the waste out. I also use egg yolk the first week so, I do it more so it doesn't foul the water but, I go by a half a cup of water taken out, and added back in, each day. That's worked for me but others might have another technique for you. IAL is also great for medicinal reasons, and is natural. I did buy those buffers and, sadly, it ended up killing my fish. One degree off and it's either too much, or it doesn't dissolve. I like the natural way of doing it, and don't use chemicals.
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Location: Maine
Unfortunately snails are illegal in maine :(

Interesting with the angled airtubing idea. I'm getting pretty good with the turkey baster while avoiding babies. If I think I got one, I'll squirt it into a betta cup and check that. Or if I know I got one, I'll stop sucking and let it swim back out.

It's also getting easier with them getting bigger
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