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Join Date: Aug 2014
Location: New Zealand
Happy Birthday!
Love the babies!
And the Tuttle picture....
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Reference Team
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Location: Rhode Island
Haha, thanks everyone!! It was a great day in all! Definitely felt the warmth for sure


Oh and I just won that Butterfly girl! I hope I get some decent babies! I'm feeling much more confident now that I have some fry raising days behind me now and hopefully I've learned my lesson about the water changes and stuff.
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Location: NewJersey
Wooooh! Happy Birthday! c;

Fabbuuuulous lookin' fry will be coming your way for sure~
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Mmm... beef stew.... I'm jealous!!! Happy birthday again Lil!! I'm glad it was a good day :) And is that cousin the adorably cute one that we all have a crush on? XDDDD
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Join Date: Mar 2013
Location: Rhode Island
Thanks Kaffrin! I sure do hope so!

Haha, yes Luci, it's Dan that I'm two day's older! He is really adorable (and I say that in a affectionate cousin way because I can), he's so much of a gentleman most of the time but on the same token, it's so freaking silly and does some stupidly funny things some times but he's such a great guy, he really is--I can't say that for all my cousins ^_^ He's still dating Catherine though (We call her C-Minor because his older sister is Catherine too lol! and back in the day, he dated my best friend and your big-Katherine! lol funny world huh), she's a real sweetheart too.
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Join Date: Mar 2013
Location: Rhode Island
Holy wow I am tired, like my eyes keep going in an out of focus and it's giving me a headache! Yikes, and I drove like this this morning! I couldn't really skip out of work though, no one to cover my shift.

Anyway, so remember I was talking about that setting for the "Kids and Pets" thingy on my camera? It's supposed to increase shutter speed...well, it'd be fine and dandy if it had a macro option on it >.< Since my camera's focus is technically broken, I can only use the macro shot to get anything from 15 mm's down to 0 mm's, it won't focus even on things that are out at 20 mm's. The lens itself is a 5.0-25.0mm which means it can capture a wild depth of field (lots of things would be in focus) and can [should] zoom back and forth between 5.0-25mm's and be in focus still. But as I said, I broke my focus back in Spain so it doesn't focus on half the objects it should.

So needless to say, I couldn't use that setting and went back to my Program setting to use the macro but even still, I couldn't get many good pictures, I didn't have much patience for it either though, so that doesn't help.

So before I show pics, I'm thinking about selling off a bunch of fish and here's the list:
Gertudae Rainbowfish
HMPK girl
(Renoir is a possibility)
River (was supposed to go to CNDbettas but they never came back on the forum after adopting Patriot from Seki)
Trio of Featherfin Killifish (I know, I just bought these guys :-/)

My pencilfish, CPD female and guppies can stay since they're nice and civil unlike my Rainbowfish who shows off to ANYTHING that is female he's such a stud lol. But I don't think I can breed the Featherfins if I want to do the Betta's, it'd be too much and I don't feel like I can give them the best life either since they are so shy.

Oh and I found a baby guppy from the reverse trio I have! I knew she gave birth a few days ago but never found fry so I figured they were all eaten. But I found one and she's already coloring up with some black on her unlike the other three premature fry. You can definitely see the difference from the premature guppies though, they are larger but not by much and I think they're two weeks older than this one? But they ARE growing which is a good sign so they should be fine after all!

Okay pics.

So I kind of freaked when I found my big girl (she's grown some too!) sitting in the Betta log looking at me like this lol. I find her fascinating but scary at the same time. I'm afraid she could pinch me and I have a big fear of pincher things like those Earwig bugs, YUCK. Had a bad time with those as a kid :(

Trapper is doing well in the 3 gallon with the four girls, I figured he might pick on them but he's been a good boy so far! Healing well still :D

Apparently my camera takes good pictures when the exposure of light is set low so less light is let into the camera lol

She was looking over at Jag who was showing off for her lol

Sorry it's dark again. I just like the layout of the photo, he even built a beautiful bubblenest!

Froggie! I need to feed them today, hopefully I remember to defrost some bloodworms tonight when I get home from band practice.

Oh and Lyon has pop-eye >.< so he's being treated in the 2.5 with KanaPlex and Epsom Salt (1 tsp/gal)
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