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Old 10-16-2014, 08:45 AM   #2831 
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I don't usually end up with too much glare, I don't know why but a lot if the time the background doesn't stay white, which I really don't mind. I don't use flash, I think that might make a difference with glare but I don't know...

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Some of the pictures I took last night.

Fish in the photo tank, There was a glass divider behind him, you can see the bottom there and then later we put in another male behind that so we could practice taking pics of them but I take other pics of them. But I swear, he's Jag's cousin lol

This was the third place winner, he's won before. He's a Giant DT Black Orchid but honestly I don't like the look of him compared to who Luci and I thought should win. He's getting old so he's not as showy as he used to be. And he's got apparent aging signs in his face too which I don't personally think are very appealing.

Here's one of my favorites! Here's who should have won third! I call him Red Wine lol, that's actually what I call all Red partial dragons who look like this lol, idk why I thought of it but it just stuck with me.

These were without flash. So in fish photography, in order to have a good picture at least one of the fishes eye (if you have two fish, only one has to be in focus) HAVE to be in focus, it makes the photo more interesting and as humans, the eyes is one of the things that immediately draws us in so if it's not in focus, it usually isn't as interesting. The rest of the composition is up to the photographer.

This would be an example of bad photo, he's not really in focus but his colors are not under exposed (too much black with no definition in to) and not too over exposed (too much white with no definition) so color-wise, this one is good, but it's just not in focus.

This one is just one of my personal favorites because of his pectorals and his cute little face. His demeanor is just fantastic so he was definitely a favorite.

And Mousse! Lucillia's new boy for breeding. Without flash obviously you lose detail, if I had an overhead light right over him it'd be easier but he'd end up being a little washed out if the light was directly over him/too bright/too low over the tank. Little details you can work on as you take more photos.

His dorsal is absolutely beautiful though, look at it!!

This was with flash. When you use flash never take the photo straight on, you'll get a lovely square of all white from the flash. Always take it from an angle either slightly tilted up, down, left, or right, doesn't matter. Here I tilted down a little bit so the flash is at the top and not so distracting but Mousse is still lit up enough we can see more detail in him.

This one is better for his eye detail, more capturing.

And probably the best one I took of him. He knocked off a few scales I think when we were scooping him out to bring him over but he's just fine. I love the purple shine to his copper scales!
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Old 10-16-2014, 08:52 AM   #2833 
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Originally Posted by MattsBettas View Post
I don't usually end up with too much glare, I don't know why but a lot if the time the background doesn't stay white, which I really don't mind. I don't use flash, I think that might make a difference with glare but I don't know...

Yeah, I think he said that the same thing happens with the white background as with the black background when you use flash; it turns it to 18% grey. Nice pic though!
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Old 10-18-2014, 03:07 PM   #2834 
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I'm so impressed by your betta photos, even the "bad" ones! I can never get shots like that. Probably doesn't help that all I have is a 5 year old cellphone camera.
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Old 10-18-2014, 03:31 PM   #2835 
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Hah, thanks Jenny! Those were taken with my Canon Powershot which....Luci and I were comparing....her phone camera is just as good if not better, than my 3 year old camera.....I find that absolutely awesome but extremely ridiculous as well lol. My cell camera sucks, but the cell is also 7 years old too (Envy II) lol. But thanks!!

Lots to update, not all good unfortunately, but mom wants me to dry the dishes >.> at least I'm not washing them...right?
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Old 10-18-2014, 06:45 PM   #2836 
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So Lyon has given up on me and laid down to die today. This was very sudden, he'd been struggling with some pop-eye and I'd been trying to treat him with KanaPlex and Epsom Salt but to no avail. He just suddenly started to give up last night :-/

Tuttle is also not doing well, I'm treating the 4 gallon with PraziPro and 1 tsp/5 gallons AQ salt. He's incredibly skinny, I bought blackworms today again (much less planaria in this one thank god) and he was interested in the one but never ate it. I don't know what to do with him because he seems to be fine, other than the obvious emaciation. He breathes heavily at times and is lethargic most of the time but idk...nothing left to do other than wait to see if the PraziPro works or not.

Onto the better news. I finally got the golden sand that I liked and originally wanted in the 4 gallon. So I switched out the black for the golden and I do like the look a lot more now. I'll hopefully take some pics tonight but can't promise much, I'm exhausted from the open house we had this morning for marching band.

And then I went to the other LFS, Critter Hut and found a beautiful year old female Pearl Gourami. Just what I was looking for, she went into Linda's tank at school that I take care of. I did a big water change on that tank and rescaped it again since she wanted me to put in the Spongebob ornaments she'd gotten and the multi-colored circle light bubble stone thingy. So I did as I pleased and then added the female to the tank after acclimation. The female is very personable and didn't mind the Neon's at all, I was quite pleased! If there isn't a terrible glare Monday morning I'll get a picture of the tank!

And finally, I found these tiny little Rhinogobius Duospilus fish, or at least what I'm sure is them. They were uncertain about the latin name as well but they knew the basic care requirements so I went for it. I found a beautiful pair that I ended up buying, at 12.99 a pop they'd better live lol. I know that's not much but I'm also very used to buying fish not over 8 dollars practically, well at least not two of them. But I bought a beautiful eggy female and a very nicely colored male of the Gold Cheeked Goby's. They are full freshwater gobies, though they prefer the river stream habitat so I have a conundrum.

My issue is first, the male has already begun to dig a cave for himself and his lady, but they are in the 20 at the moment with Jag. I'm afraid that if he hits the soil, it might release some sulfur on him and gas him so I do want to move them. I can move them into the 4 gallon but that issue is that it's still not fully cycled from what I've seen. Now I can still move them over and just keep a good eye on them, Tuttle, and the parameters but the PraziPro is still in there. Though it wouldn't hurt them, I still sort of worry about it but it's better than being gassed >.<

I've done some reading on their breeding and it seems to be very easy care, spawns are often small and need artificial care as fry. Eggs need to be removed a few days before they hatch and hatched in a small tank, a 2.5 works fine with a sponge filter. Fry feed on egg sacks for the first week or so and then feed on artemia and infusoria until they are an inch long (approx. 6 weeks old) at which point they can return to the normal tank with the parents. Their growth slows down there as they age to become adults.

It sounds like something I can do just fine and with a nice fetching price too. The guy told me that they were originally 14.99 but he said no one would buy that and because they were so small, he lowered it to 12.99 which was nice.

Anyway, I think I'll go take some pics now while my lights are still on. I'll be back on later!
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I just made the executive decision to euthanize Tuttle, he was too far gone. He didn't try to fight the net at all (normally I never would net a Puffer because if they puff out of water, it could be fatally dangerous) and I could pick him up in my hand too, he never allowed me to get anywhere near him before. He wasn't fighting and I knew the PraziPro wasn't going to work on him, he was too weak to even start to try to recover, even if he did beat the parasites or assumed parasites. I feel bad I didn't start treating before, partial denial and partial uncertainty of what he was really sick of and even now I'm not entirely sure it was internal parasites, I just know that DP's are prone to them.

Well got pictures, I used flash tonight and don't like the outcome. I'd need an external flash on top of the tank to get the detail in the picture I want, without that but still with the tank light, most of the background plants are lost with the flash which I don't particularly like. But nonetheless I will show the pictures because some of them came out good :)

Jag! He's quit biting now that he's used to Trap but has a lot of healing to be doing now. He's got some nice clear regrowth already.

Pierce has done a lot of growing, he still has a very prominent fake egg spot though! I find it interesting still ^_^

He's still on the small side for a PK compared to Trapper but he's doing well healthwise!

Speaking of Trapper, he's done a lot of changing himself, he's a full black now with black orchid butterfly accents.

My little Gertudae Rainbowfish boy, he's still very bossy.

This one was taken without flash, you can see the clear difference in the pictures. But one of my female Featherfin Killi's came out! Almost to thank me for the blackworm dinner haha.

Fast growing mother guppy and one of the Lyretail males

I love my little Pencilfish girl, she's just a doll, she's very personable, doesn't mind the camera, eats well, get's along with other fish fantastically!

The female Featherfin in this one

And this is partially what I don't like about blackworms....they BURROW...thankfully the female ADF came back over to gobble up the parts sticking out but these worms break apart very easy so no doubt half of them are still under the sand.

My 29 is overgrow again o.O

I was trying to get a size comparison but it didn't work >.<

And while I look at the 20, 29, and .5 gallon, I get this face from Sam lol

He's such a ham!

So is Rai XD

I'm mad because this isn't in focus and I only took two pictures here, that was a stupid mistake of course. But after they were released I couldn't find the male again lol so you'll have to wait to see them all colored up again. But here are the two little Gold Cheeked Gobies! They are barely an inch long each.

Here's the female after they were acclimated, she's very fat lol. She ate a few blackworms and is eggy so it's not all eggs.

Here's the 4 gallon at the moment. I'm not done with the aquascape at all but I'm currently out of ideas for it with the plants that I have at the moment. I'll think of something but for now, this is fine.

And moonlights! I haven't shown the moonlights yet on this tank! I really like them!

And all three tanks with their moonlights

And I just want to show off this picture because I'm so proud of it. I was about fifteen feet away from these leaves and my camera was able to zoom to pick up the water droplets! I am proud of this point and shoot camera, it may be a dinky camera but in certain elements, it's still pretty damn good!
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So I got some more pictures yesterday in the hour that I had to goof around. The gobies are doing well in the 4 gallon, albeit shy but they are well. I'm debating getting another pair since they only stay around 1-1.3 inches but maybe just get a female? The male hides under the driftwood and the female behind the filter intake tube. They both happily ate the black worms though ahah. Pictures:

I poked the female and she went to sit on the driftwood so you can see here there. She's still stressed but not as bad as she was before

Here's the male, he was NOT happy that I poked him out of his little hiding place. He's so tiny! He's barely an inch right now.

Calico is growing up little by little, though I'm sad he's losing all his yellow color! He's still got it on his tummy and at his fin bases but it's still sad.
Here he is from when I first got him...a month ago? Or a little more? Don't remember exactly when I got him, I'd have to look back in my journal but I think it's been a month.

And here's the picture from yesterday:

Excuse the green spot algae on the glass, I can't get rid of it >.< But Stratus is getting big! She's still a pain in the butt lol but she's cute. She's still decent to the Tetras and Sparklers but she hates the male Pearl Gourami, I may have to move him out soon or her. I hope I can set up my 45 soon.
She's also getting a beautiful blue iridescence on her fins!

I love when she colors up like this. She often will turn paler when she's aggravated and stuff, not so much stressed but annoyed usually by the Sparklers or Pearl.

I finally found a good setting on my camera that I like! I changed the color preferences to something that better suits the tank and I definitely like how this picture came out! She was happy to follow my finger and the camera just like a Betta would! She's not the top dog, the top female is the spoonheaded one of course but this girl is second in command.

I just like the composition of this picture, I think it's rather interesting with the out of focus gourami in the front and the second female in the back in focus!

Similar to the first picture but she'd darkened up for me and came closer

IIRC, this is the male with the cataracts on the other side of his eye and the main male is in the back with the busted front lip from hitting things

I literally REJOICED when I saw these pictures were in focus! I've had such a hard time trying to photograph these little fish! But the 10 babies are doing wonderfully!

That one top left has super long ventrals lol They're eating decap BBS here, those are all those little orange dots.

But they also still get Grindal worms and occasionally I'll throw in some Micro's or Banana worms, they also get powdered NLS Flakes or Fishguy's "Fry Crack" which is another flake powdered food.

Bentley is still doing well, he hasn't grown too much but I half don't expect him too either with his deformity. But he eats well and tells off the corydoras when he needs too and seems to be content overall so I'm not terribly worried about him. If he passes, he passes, nothing much I can do about that. But he has doubled his size since I got him a few months ago so that's cool!

Gem is definitely bigger than Dario now, but I think he's full grown at this point.

And I thought I lost Dario again but he came out for me yesterday! He was clamping, I think he's getting old? Not sure how long Badis live but he's around 6 months now with me? I think I got him in the winter time somewhere between February and March. I'll have to look back.

He still likes the camera better than Gem which makes him easier to photograph.

And then Gem came over to chase him away

Dario came back though.

The female froggie was happy with the feast of blackworms she had.

I need to clean the glass in my 20 /facepalm.

Pierce still has a fantastic body for being a DT lol

I love Jag's colors much better without flash, this is more of what he looks like in real life.

He likes this pose lol

His tail is growing back though

Trapper is a doll lol, love this picture of him.
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