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Feng, there is no such thing as a stupid rant on here... except mine. Mine are stupid. My rant? I rant about stupid stuff! XD

I have a dentist bill that will have to wait because I'm broke. I also apperently need a nightguard. It's not much, but I have like $27 in my account and barely enough food to last until the second week of next month when I can get more. My teeth hurt. My ears (or jaws?) hurt. I started 2 weeks late, so it's a bad one which kept me up all night and most likely ruined those clothes I was wearing when I found out. My brother was in the hospital with a bp of like 180s/130s (NOT a typo). They had to give him 2 nitroglicerine pills to lower it and after a full day there and a boatload of tests, they don't know what's wrong! Just found out my sister has to have surgery. My dad is distrought because he just found out he might lose his bestfriend (serious medical issue is all he would tell me). My best friend is having a boatload of issues (personal, meducal, AND financial) and it kills me that I can't help her. My dishwasher is leaking. My home repairs got rescheduled again. There is now poison ivy growing up between my steps (I'm bad allergic). I'm out of books to read, so I am bored out of my skull. My dog basically showed us that we can either let her sleep on the bed or she will pee on our lenolium floor. My cat Lucas is missing. Did I meantion I HATE MY PERIOD!?! Give me time and I bet I could think of more

On a positive note, Lily has FINALLY started going into shed! I've been so worried, so at least I have one less thing to worry about now. I gave her a short bath and misted down her cage really well to help her along. Sand Boas love to be held, so they are one of the few breeds of snake you still can hold during a shed cycle. In fact, my little ones get upset if they aren't held often. The only time they aren't held is feeding day and the day after that so they can digest their meal. Poor Lily was busy rubbing her face on the little towel I dried her off with like the skin on her cheeks was itchy. It was loose last night, so I'm betting I'll find her nearly or completely shed tonight. It's such a relief to know she's growing. I was scared she was stunted or something after she had been underfed for a while by the man I got her from.
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