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Join Date: May 2014
Location: Florida
I spend my whole day cleaning up others' messes and taking preventative action. But no one's ever happy with that. My co-workers take advantage of my kindness, and my boss won't recognize my work with a title or a suitable wage. /end
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Just got back from 3 hours of a bad marching band rehearsal. Highschool went good, though, but I still have an hour of homework to complete.
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what instrument? I play the piccolo :D
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I play... Skyrim? Does that count as playing something? XD

Rant: Carrot still wont eat. I ended up having refered pain on my teeth, so it's my top left side molar that's making all my left bottom teeth hurt! So root canal and wisdom teeth to be yanked... fun. This forum is full of nice people, but the snake forum I went on to ask help for Carrot... not so much. My sister is in the hospital for internal bleeding (had to have surgery, but will be okay). My dishwaher is busted. Finally, my best friend is in bad shape and I'm broke, so I can't help her. I would pay for a moving van for her in a new york minute, but all our extra money is going toward Carrot's bills. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!
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Join Date: May 2014
Location: Florida
I work my rear off every day trying to make my office a better place for everyone. I run multiple projects that bring in or save tens of thousands of dollars, advocate for all staff, and make things happen that no administrator before me was able to.

And yet my staff still questions me.

My supervisor tells me to tell them "no" when I'm unable to help.

My boss tells me to delegate work.

What happens when I do that? They think I'm derping around and being unwilling to help.

Umn, no. Excuse me for doing all the work that no one else is willing or able to do because they don't have the patience or critical thinking skills to. Excuse me for getting upset when the instructions I have repeated multiple times have been ignored. And excuse me for getting upset when protocol is broken without an explanation.

I'm underpaid and overworked and I do it because I love my patients and my staff. But I guess that's not enough.
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