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Old 02-23-2015, 02:56 PM   #1131 
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Trading back and forth seems like an excellent arrangement. They get what they need, you get what you need...

Did I see correctly that the particularly draconian AU law for imports was delayed by another year, or was that for some other type of import?
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It is a very nice gesture from her. I just hope I won't kill either pair before they are able to be returned to her, as they are quite expensive and rare fish.

The laws did get delayed under March next year. It's good news, but I feel even if the fish keeping public and the industry itself spent this time rallying against the changes, they would still come into effect. The Government has been trying to push similar batch testing legislation through for years.
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Old 02-26-2015, 01:51 AM   #1133 
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A took a few photos today, but none of my fish were really in the mood for posing. They were more interested in chasing down their nightly mosquito larvae.

I have some peat moss soaking in boiling water around the side of our house (it was stinking up the kitchen) and this will be going into the 'new' Betta persephone tank. My plan is to fill a 20L bucket with water and plants from their current tank, and leave them in it so I can fit their new tank up on the shelf and get it filled. I'm going to go with a more natural look with their tank, so putting peat moss, leaf litter and sphagnum moss over a powdered ADA Malaya substrate, with the wood from their current tank, as well as some of my nicer looking tea tree roots from out in the shed. The only plants will be watersprite and duckweed.

These were the few photos I got today.

Betta sp. apiapi male. Sadly not at full colour because he doesn't like the camera. This is my nicest male.

One of my biggest Betta rutilans juveniles

One of my biggest Betta coccina juveniles. Unfortunately, their tank is very scratched and has a heap of algae on the glass so the photo is not good. Plus the female was chasing this one around.

I'm happy with how all my young fish are growing out. I've been feeding BBS once a day or once every couple of days, otherwise I find the youngsters hunt down the smaller mosquito larvae that their parents miss, as well as any grindals or microworms.

I saw a really nice looking Betta uberis juvenile out today. If I manage to get a sibling pair, they will replace their parents as my main breeding stock.
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