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Join Date: Oct 2010
Location: Australia
When you have a senior cat with serious health issues, every day can feel like a rollercoaster. Some days are good, and some days make you want to tear your hair out in frustration. Food that was gobbled up in the morning, suddenly earns you a look of disgust at night.

Sometimes warming food up in the microwave can tempt them to eat. On really bad days with Bandit I will sometimes raid the freezer and cook up whatever meat I can find to try and get him to eat. Sometimes really crappy cat food can help get them eating again too, as their taste and smell always seems more attractive to cats than the higher quality foods.

Keeping them hydrated is also important. Bandit can sometimes get stuck in a vicious cycle where he doesn't get enough fluids, so he gets dehydrated. This in turn makes him go off his food and then he feels even worse and if you don't catch it in time, it spirals out of control and he is at the vet on a drip.

Good to hear she ate something though. Hopefully having something in her stomach makes her feel a bit better. It's always a relief when you can get a solid meal into them.
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Location: Central FL
Unfortunately, we have 2 cans left and I have only $4
I'll have to run to the store and grab as many cheap cans as I can....and hope that holds her up until next weekend.
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Location: Southern California, USA
Hope everything goes well, Fishy
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cheekysquirrel's Avatar
Join Date: Jan 2014
Location: Perth, Australia
Sorry to hear that your cat's been unwell, Fishy! I pray that you won't have to euthanise her, as I cannot imagine how hard that would be for you. I'm keeping your kitty in my thoughts. And Bandit, too, LBF!

My cold is much better today. But at 5.54 this morning I woke up with uvulitis. You know the uvula? That hangy thing where your mouth meets your throat? Yeah. Mine's tripled in size. My gag reflex kept activating. Even now I can feel it sitting on the back of my tongue.
Meanwhile, my stepdaughter is unwilling to spend the day not laying down on the couch, and I am unwilling to share the very small couch with her because a) she fidgets, and b) I don't want to expose her to my germs by breathing directly on her, so I've been cast into the bedroom all day to be miserable and without company. Personally I think she's being a little rude and selfish, but maybe I'm being overly sensitive because of how awful I feel.
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I hope everything goes well with everyone's cats! I hope you feel better too, cheekysquirrel.
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Location: Central FL
Ty everyone for your support.
I hope you feel better cheekysquirrel. It's not fun being sick. I could only imagine what my kitty is going through. I'm so conscious about my animal's well being. If I think they're sick I try my best to make them comfortable and make them feel better. Some people don't understand it. But they have feelings and I wouldn't want to feel pain. They wouldnt want to feel pain.

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