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betta and goldfish

so i have two pearlscale goldfish and a betta. My tank is 5 gal. Is this ok?
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Goldfish and bettas should never be kept together for a lot of reasons.
Bettas are tropical fish and need a heater, goldfish are coldwater.
Goldfish get huge and it will soon outgrow your 5 gallon. Fancy Goldfish (ryukin, fantail, pearl scale) all need 20 gallons for one goldfish, and 10 more for each additional goldfish minimum. I'd reccomend re-homing your to goldies, or get a bigger tank for them.

Sorry if I'm coming off a little harsh! :/
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I agree with Maisy. Bettas are tropical and goldfish are coldwater. The 5g is okay for the betta and maybe a snail or shrimp. NOTHING else. The goldfish need a way bigger tank.
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+1 to Laki and Maisy.
I would suggest rehoming the goldies immediately to something much much bigger. The betta will be fine in a 5 gal. :)
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Old 04-29-2012, 08:17 AM   #5 
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Gold fish get a bit to large and at the potential size, reaching around 10 inches they will most likely harass the betta

Fancy goldfish usually have long flowing fins and flashy colors In My Experience, when they are smaller bettas will most likely attack them

Goldfish require high levels oxygen to thrive, to attain this. you would typically need high levels of flow. and bettas do not like this type of habitat, it greatly stresses them out

Goldifsh produce high levels of waste/ammonia which is toxic to all fish. In a 5 gallon the ammonia/nitrite content would build up very quickly even if the tank is cycled. unless you make the commitment to the fish and do daily water changes until you can upgrade the goldfish's tank

Bettas and goldfish have different temperature requirements. while fancy goldfish do usually prefer higher temperatures than the less modified common goldfish. they still like cooler temperatures than most tropical fish

Bettas and goldfish have different dietary requirements. goldfish are mainly omnivorous fish but appreciate vegetational matter more than they like meatier foods, while bettas are mainly carnivorous and cant digest the preferred food by goldfish.

Goldfish will get stunted in a tank of that size due to the buildup of growth hormones. naturally they emit growth hormones and once the hormones reach a certain level and the growth hormone content rises they will stop growing on the outside, while there organs keep growing causing long term deformation. I would recommend a 40 gallon tank for 2 pearlscale goldfish
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Old 04-29-2012, 08:48 AM   #6 
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D: bah! Your pearlies will need 30 gallons to be happy.
Also, goldies have been known to nom nom smaller fish, so your betta may be I'm danger depending on how big they are.
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Old 04-29-2012, 10:28 AM   #7 
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The only thing you can really keep in a 5 gallon is a betta or two IF you divide the tank. I think you can keep a dwarf puffer in a 5 gallon but they need brakish water - i think?
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I know nothng about that specific type of gold fish, but the betta has dif. temp. requirements and it will attack the fish. I would separate them as soon as possible
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i would put the two peral goldies in a 10 gallon at least by them selves. bettas are tropical and goldfish are not. also goldfish are very dirty fish that need to be feed neumorous amounts of food a day and bettas like to eat 1-2 times a day.
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