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Unhappy Betta lived in contaminated water and isn't eating now.. HELP!

OK so. My boyfriend and I have had our double tail male betta for about six months now. This past weekend we brought Spanky to my boyfriend's dorm room. Spanky travels well and settled in just fine.

Here is where the problem begins. One of my boyfriend's roommates decided to put flavored lubricant into the fish bowl. I'm assuming this was a stupid, drunken mistake, but that's beside the point. It happened at about 10:30 pm and we had already left for the evening. We didn't check on Spanky when we got home cause it was really late and he had already had his evening feeding. The next morning we noticed the water was extremely murky and thick with a plastic-like film covering a large part of the surface. Our fish was at the surface and not moving. We flew into a panic, scooped him out, and put him in a different bowl with fresh water. He immediately started swimming around in the fresh water and returned to his normal, active behavior.

We got Spanky a new bowl, new gravel, and new decor. Since we originally didn't know what had been put into his bowl, we even got him some BettaFix. We didn't want to take any chances. He seemed happy as soon as we put him into his new, clean home but now he won't eat. He swims up to the food but will not actually eat any of it.

Please help! Spanky is our little baby and we would be devastated if he died. What else can we do? Will our Spanky make it?
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How long has it been since Spanky ate? o.o If it's only been a day or so I'd say wait a few days, or maybe try some bloodworms.

If he still isn't eating or it has been longer, then there could be something internally wrong, methinks. I sure hope he didn't eat any of the flavored gunk!
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Its been about a day and a half and we already feed him dried blood worms as his regular diet. He was in the contaminated water for around 14 hours so we are afraid he may have ingested some. We read the contents of the lubricant, and it is a water based lube but it is still something foreign to a fish's environment. We're very hopeful he will eat soon. He seems to be much more active and healthy now, but we are still concerned for him. Thanks for replying :)
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